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Dan “Skip” Allen

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Dan “Skip” Allen

Hello My name is Dan Allen! My friends call me Skip though, so all of you members of the CSTArmy can call me Skip if and when you see me out at advance screenings. I am originally from Lowell, Mass although I’ve split time living in New Hampshire. I’ve now lived in Central Florida for 26 years.

I’ve been a movie fan since I was 6 years old. I started watching Siskel & Ebert around the same time! Ever since then I have wanted to review films like my idles growing up. I love a lot of genres of film such as 70’s films, crime, comic book films, bio pics and of course sports movies. I usually see around 200 hundred films a year for about 15 years now.

That being said I’m a huge sports fan. My favorite sports teams are all the Boston teams. The Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics & Bruins. I love Syracuse Basketball and Notre Dame Football. Growing up I watched everything from tennis to stock car racing to golf. Steve, Scott, Ralph and I agree on some of my sports teams and disagree on others.

What other place should I be than a movie and sports website? It’s the perfect place for me. I hope to share my love of movies and sports with every member of the CSTArmy!!!