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Daniel Jones an unlikely star in New York!

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Daniel Jones the most unlikely star in New York!


Daniel Allen

     The New York Giants haven’t been the two time Super Bowl winning team that they were under Eli Manning lately. Drafting Sequan Barkley from Penn State was a good start. He had over 1300 yards rushing season last year in his rookie year. In the 2019 draft they needed to make some picks that would help protect the quarterback and put pressure on the opposing quarterback. They did neither with their 1st pick of the draft. With the 6th overall pick they selected Daniel Jones, quarterback, from Duke. Daniel was a successful QB at Duke but people don’t think of Duke as a football school. Needless to say the Giants faithful weren’t big fans of the pick.

     Daniel played a lot in the preseason and did very well. That raised a lot of eyebrows in New York. When the season started and the Giants didn’t fare so well, the question wasn’t what are they going to do at QB, it was when are they going to make the change? The young kid they picked at # 6 in the draft the previous spring or fan favorite and Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning? Granted they started the season versus two of the hotter teams. Their NFC NORTH rival, the Dallas Cowboys and the surprising Buffalo Bills. Pat Shermer finally made the call when the Giants went to Tampa in week three versus the Bucs. The Giants lost their great running back the same game but gained their QB of the future. He helped the Giants comeback from an18 point deficit to win 32-31. The Daniel Jones era had arrived. The following week in week 4 they beat the Washington Redskins, another NFC NORTH rival 24-3.

Aug 8, 2019; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (8) drops back to pass against the New York Jets during the first quarter of a preseason game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

    The Giants play the Vikings last week. Both teams need this win to move forward in very tough decisions in the NFC. The Vikings defense caused some problems for Jones and won handily, but if we know anything about him by now he can overcome the odds. This week the Giants play heavy favorite and the reining Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots. If this rising star is to get better and help his team they need to be competitive and start winning games. They can’t fall further and further behind their division rivals the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. I for one am rooting for this kid because I love a good underdog story even if it involves the New York Giants. I am a New England Patriots fan from birth. I am still bitter about those two super bowl losses at the hands of the G Men!

Dan Skip Allen