David Has His WWE Fastlane Predictions

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Live from Memphis, Tennessee, WWE brings to you its newest Pay Per View, Fastlane. Replacing the popular Elimination Chamber, Fastlane is a new concept PPV that could be very hit or miss for WWE. Wrapped around several interesting matches, WWE could severely anger many fans heading into WrestleMania with this one.

I personally loved the Elimination Chamber and to see it go is already disappointing enough. The good thing coming from Fastlane is that there could be so many different outcomes that it should leave WWE fans on the edge of their seats. Plus not to forget Sting will be in the building.

It has been an entire year since my last predictions, so I might be a little rusty. Either way it is great to be back. Now here are my WWE Fastlane predictions.

The Usos (C) vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd for the WWE Tag Team Championship 

The Usos have been the most dominant and consistent tag team since first winning the tag titles last year. Besides the small reign of Miz and Mizdow, no other team has really been a match for them. As much as I enjoy watching Cesaro & Tyson Kidd in the ring they still don’t convince me of being tag team championship worth. They have great chemistry together, but something about them to me is missing. The tag team feels rather forced and is probably due to the popularity of Total Divas. I definitely see Naomi and Natalya getting involved in this one and with the “marital problems” that Kidd and Natalya have had, I could see her costing them the match.

Match Prediction: The Usos defeat Cesaro & Tyson Kidd by pinfall to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

Goldust vs. Stardust 

This has been a match and rivalry in the making. Ever since Goldust and Cody Rhodes teamed up, the ending result was going to be a battle between the two brothers. It was believed to be a match at last years WrestleMania, but the wait has been well worth it. Cody Rhodes has excelled as the deranged Stardust and has only cemented himself as being able to take any character and be able to run away with it. I don’t think this will only lead to one bout, but to one culminating at the showcase of the immortals.

Match Prediction: Goldust defeats Stardust by disqualification

Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan & Ryback vs. Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show 

After months of punishment by The Authority and their lackeys, Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback finally get a chance at redemption. Since being reinstated, The Authority, has gone crazy with power against those who dared challenge them at Survivor Series. They even went as far as firing Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback for no reason. This Sunday those very men get a chance to get payback on the men who have served The Authority in Rollins, Kane and Big Show. Honestly I couldn’t care much for this match except that this feud will finally be over and everyone could move onto their next storyline.

Match Prediction: Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback defeat Seth Rollins, Kane and Big Show by pinfall

Rusev (C) vs. John Cena for the United States Championship 

This match could literally be the breaking point of the night. Rusev has been on a complete tear of the roster since coming up from NXT. Still haven’t been pinned or submitted, WWE has done a fantastic job of building up Rusev like they have man other stars in the past. And like those other stars they always have to go through the face of WWE, John Cena. Here is where I’m worried now. Every other superstar to fight Cena who has gotten some what of a push (Bray Wyatt, Ryback, etc.) has fallen to the five moves of doom, pushing them right down the card to irrelevance. Instead of pushing a rising star, Super Cena always has to come out on top to look good for the company. This goes beyond my in ring dislike for Cena, but that’s an entirely different story. I’ll make this short and simple. JOHN CENA HAS NO RIGHT BEATING RUSEV! Not only doesn’t he have no reason to beat him, but Cena has no business being the United States Champion. With that said, WWE still wants to cash in on Cena, but letting him defeat Rusev is not what is best for business. At least not this Sunday at Fastlane. Here is hoping WWE creative does the right thing. For once.

Match Prediction: Rusev defeats John Cena by submission

Bad News Barrett (C) vs. Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship 

This feud had the potential to be great and hard hitting. Instead it became a little rushed with tons of missed opportunities. It all began with Ambrose wanting to have his picture on the wall of champions at WWE Headquarters. Which not sure how he isn’t there yet being the longest reigning WWE United States Champion. Any who, Bad News Barrett, who has been defeated more times than not since winning the Intercontinental was in Ambrose’s sight. They’ve had several encounters between each other, including Ambrose tying up Barrett and forcing his signature to make this match possible. The match could turn out to be the surprise bout of the evening, but I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news and something tells me it might just get lost in the shuffle.

Match Prediction: Dean Ambrose defeats Bad News Barrett by disqualification, Bad News Barrett retains the Intercontinental Championship

Nikki Bella (C) vs. Paige for the Divas Championship  

The Divas division has been at a stand still since AJ’s departure. Not sure why because the division has so much more to offer than the John Cena of the Divas division. This feud between Paige and the Bellas has been somewhat refreshing. Paige being the most skilled Diva could have a fantastic match with any diva that is competent in the ring, which unfortunately isn’t many. Thankfully Nikki Bella does show plenty of flair in the ring and could end up being a decent match. I could definitely see this match going several ways but what I’m really hoping for is a Bella double cross at the end giving the Divas division more than just one storyline to play on.

Match Prediction: Nikki Bella defeats Paige by pinfall

Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan with the winner facing Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania

This match could also be a revolt waiting to happen with the WWE Universe. Ever since his return from injury, Roman Reigns has been hotter than ever. He was in a class all on his own. That was until Daniel Bryan returned and declared himself eligible for the Royal Rumble. Bryan’s short time in the Rumble was a slap in the face to the fans that every other entrant after that was just a disappointment. Unfortunately Roman ended up taking huge heat for winning the Rumble from the entire Yes Movement. WWE righted there wrong by making this match and allowing both men to compete for the main event spot at WrestleMania. The last few weeks have showed little glimpses of what could come from this match and it looks fantastic. This is exactly what Roman needs to get him over. He needs a fantastic singles showing and Daniel Bryan is just the man to do that. I’m not completely sure which way WWE will go with this one, but I don’t believe Roman should lose. It would just hurt his stock and show even more that the WWE doesn’t believe he is ready. I do have a solution that will make both sides of the audience very pleased though.

Match Prediction: No Contest

WWE Fastlane is live on February 22 on the WWE Network.