David says POLTERGEIST is not the remake we were hoping for

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Before I start I want to share a fun fact. I’ve never seen the original 1982 Poltergeist. So as I’m watching the lights flicker, the tree branches hitting the window, I am seeing this all for the first time. To me this remake was actually a brand new movie to me. I had no high expectations, I wasn’t looking for any keys scenes. All I was hoping for was a good frightening film and not another Hollywood horror let down.


The Bowen family, dealing with some economical issues, have to pack up and leave the big city and settle for the quiet suburbs. As soon as they arrive to their new house their youngest daughter, Madison (Kennedi Clements), sees a stem rise up from the ground and begins to laugh kicking off the paranormal activity in store for them. As the hours pass, more and more weird occurrences happen throughout the house. The only one really fearing these supernatural instances is the Bowen’s son Griffin (Kyle Catlett), who already is scared of the dark as well as what goes bump in the night. What starts to freak Griffin out a tad bit more is hearing Madison talk to the TV, as all the lights in the house begin to flicker and the most infamous line from the film are spoken, “They’re here.”


Again I’ve never seen the original Poltergeist so my review is based only on this reboot of the 1982 classic. And although some people might greatly disagree with me, I didn’t think the movie was all that bad. It was very simple and had its few frightening parts. The only problem I saw with it was that it might have been too simple. Had I seen this in 1982 my mind probably would have been blown. A tree that could just pull you out of your bed or a portal opening in your closet would have terrified me. Unfortunately it is 2015 and with the tons of horror films created plus the addition of CGI, it has ruined the effect a movie like Poltergeist could have created. Besides that and a little bit of under acting by the cast when Madison goes missing, the film wasn’t bad at all. It probably doesn’t compare to the fear the original generated, but as a stand alone it isn’t half bad.

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