David Talks About What’s Next For Daniel Bryan

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After a grueling two years, the WWE Universe finally has a real reason to chant YES again. Daniel Bryan has been cleared by WWE doctors to wrestle once again. And after a very emotional statement by Bryan on Smackdown this week, he wasted no time in taking a few bumps.

The question everyone has now is when and where will Daniel Bryan return?

Here are a few places where I think Daniel Bryan can make his big return to.

At Wrestlemania 34

This one is pretty obvious given the revelations on Smackdown yesterday. After firing Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for attacking Shane McMahon the previous week, Daniel Bryan took a beating from the duo that left him being carted off in a stretcher. Bryan won’t be taking this lightly and what better way to get his revenge than on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania.

The question here is what time of match will it be? This can predictably be a tag team match pitting K.O. and Sami Zayn vs. Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon. Or if they want to put Bryan against the odds, have him face Zayn and Owens in a handicap match. There’s plenty of possible outcomes here, but what better place than to have Bryan come back to the stadium where he had his most defining moment at Wrestlemania 30.

On Smackdown Live

Ratings and merchandise is big for WWE. And after a increase in ratings on Smackdown last week, the sudden announcement of Bryan’s in-ring return was sure to boost the ratings once again this week. As much as Bryan would want to get into the ring as soon as possible, he isn’t one to go into a match in which he can’t perform to his full capabilities. So if he still has a little ring rust, why not have his first match be on Smackdown Live.

Smackdown has struggled with some attendance issues, if they were to announce his in-ring return on a Smackdown it would be a guaranteed sellout and ratings booster.

At Backlash

Bryan’s in-ring return needs to be something special. It’s been over two years since his retirement and almost three years since the last time he wrestled inside a WWE ring. And although returning at Wrestlemania would be ideal, this isn’t a moment you want to get lost on the card. Wrestlemania 34 is already up to 11 matches, and after last year’s show having 13 matches and running well into midnight, I don’t think WWE wants to run that risk again.

I was at Wrestlemania 33 from start to finish and I felt absolutely exhausted towards the end of the event. I personally wouldn’t want Bryan’s first match back to be cut short or hurried because of time constraints. This is a moment the entire WWE Universe has been waiting years for.

So what better way than to highlight another PPV and get people to tune into the build up of his return. This will not only have fans tuning into Backlash, but the Smackdown’s leading up to it. And it gives Daniel Bryan plenty of time to get into ring shape and give us the match we’ve been waiting for.

Whether Daniel Bryan makes his in-ring return on any of these predictions or not, it will still be must see television. I’m glad WWE gave him clearance, because Daniel Bryan belongs in the WWE. To have seen him in New Japan or Ring of Honor wouldn’t have felt right. At least not anymore. Bryan is the big time, he is an A plus player, and if you doubt that go watch Wrestlemania 30 and I guarantee you’ll be chanting YES along with the crowd.

Welcome Back Daniel Bryan, you’ve been missed, but definitely not forgotten.