Does LeBron Have The Balls To Leave Cleveland Again?

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by Steve Farace,

I’m going to start off by saying that I believe LeBron is the most talked about human being on this website since we got it up and running 5 years ago. It began while he was a member of the Miami Heat and then it really stopped once he went back to Cleveland. The hate for the man wasn’t nearly as bad from Miami as it was from Cleveland when he left. With all of the issues that he is dealing with in Cleveland lately I was thinking about whether or not LeBron has the balls to leave Cleveland for a 2nd time.

You all know that I was fan a LeBron James before he went to the Heat. I wasn’t a fan of his during his time in Miami because I am a Knicks fan and you just don’t root for anyone that plays on the Miami Heat. All of that being said, is this guy a diva or what? Unfollowing the Cavs on Twitter and talking about how he would take a pay cut to play with his buddies Melo, Wade and CP3 for a year or 2. The worst part is the media feeding into all of it and giving this guy a bigger ego than he already had. He has the basketball community eating out of the palms of his hands.

Last night was another example. The Cavs lost again, but this time to the Brooklyn Nets. Did you see his temper tantrums on the floor when the Nets were hitting their shots? That was aimed directly at the media so that they could take it and run with another story of LeBron being upset with his current situation. It is simply amazing.


Now, let’s examine some of his decisions. He left Cleveland and they burned his jersey and the Cavs stunk it up for the next several years. He left Miami and the reaction was relatively strong (even though he helped bring the Heat a couple of rings). The real key is that he left Miami and they are doing alright. They aren’t languishing at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. In fact, the Heat are in the 5th spot in the conference and are 11 games over .500 in a relatively good Eastern Conference.

So LeBron has a player option at the end of this year. Does he opt-out and admit that his decision to go back to Cleveland wasn’t the best and that not even he can bring a title to that city? Or does he stay “loyal” and stay in Cleveland and realize that even with all of the drama, they are still the #1 seed in the conference and are still 30 games over .500? This guy changes his mind more than his underwear and your guess is as good as mine. One this is for damn sure – stop with the drama already, LeBron! Every day it is something new and I just don’t have the energy to write about it every day.

I guess there comes a time in everyone’s career that they realize that something just isn’t working out. For LeBron, that was in 2010 and he probably should have just left it alone and went on this long dynasty-like run with the Heat. His ego brought him back to Cleveland and that decision is now getting to him and his child-like tantrums on the court are proof of that. He thought it would be easy after winning titles in Miami to bring that right back home with him. If he doesn’t have the balls to leave Cleveland again, he better figure out a way to grow them because he needs to get out of there. Athletes always talk about the pressures of playing in your home town and as much as he would like to think so, LeBron is not even immune to that.