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Raiden Joins Injustice 2 and ATOM Announced!

A few months ago fans of Injustice 2 were given a small glimpse at what to expect for the next pack of DLC characters for the popular DC fighter. Black Manta, who was released early last month, Raiden from the Mortal Kombat franchise, and the popular movie and comic character Hellboy, were announced for the first time in the Fighter Pack 2 trailer. To coincidence with the anniversary of Mortal Kombat, Raiden was released this past Tuesday for those with the Ultimate Edition package, and this Friday for those who wish to purchase him individually.

The inclusion of Raiden marks the second Mortal Kombat character to join the Injustice 2 roster which resulted in quite a bit of backlash from the community who would have preferred another DC Comic character take his place. As a result, those who purchased the Ultimate Edition have also been given a free premiere skin for Raiden allowing players to choose to fight as the DC Character Black Lightning instead.

Raiden wasn’t the only highlight of Injustice 2 players week, as the first look at the newest character was revealed. During the Chasing the Cup special on the CW, fans got a first look at ATOM, the first character in Fighter Pack 3. It was only a brief teaser for the character, but we got a good look as to how the characters shrinking ability would be incorporated into the game. The trailer, which can also now be seen on the Injustice YouTube channel, doesn’t specify what month ATOM will be released, but a December release is very likely.

Creative Director of NetherRealm Studios Ed Boon took to Twitter after the announcement to clarify the release order of characters of Hellboy and ATOM stating, “We’ve still got amazing full Hellboy (fighter pack 2) and ATOM (fighter pack 3) gameplay trailers coming soon!”. Typically we are shown gameplay of the next character up for release, so when ATOM was shown before Hellboy, this caused fans to wonder if the release of Hellboy had been pushed back. Thankfully Boon quickly clarified for the fans.

Despite the bumpy reception to Raiden the overall reactions to the extra fighters for Injustice 2 have been positive. The small glimpse we got of ATOM and the tease for an upcoming trailer for Hellboy are sure to keep fans ready for more characters in the coming months.