Evan Introduces Us To The Nintendo Labo

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In a surprising announcement this past Wednesday, Nintendo announced a new line of products, the Nintendo Labo. The Labo is a new way to play with the Nintendo Switch system, taking advantage of Joy-Con motion sensors in a really creative new way. The basics of Labo are build-able cardboard creations used to play mini-games on the Switch. This varies from cardboard pianos, fishing poles, and even a house, all used with the Joy-Con controllers, to become “Toy-Cons”.

Prior to the announcement Nintendo mentioned this product would be aimed at children, which makes a lot of sense strategy wise for Nintendo right now. The Switch was marketed using primarily young adults rather than the Wii U, which was aiming for a younger demographic. Now that the Switch is a major success and not seen as a child’s product, which originally hurt the Wii U’s reputation, they can take that momentum to start reaching out directly to those younger demographics with things like Labo.

The Labo comes in two different packaging, one priced at $69.99 and $79.99, and will both be released on April 20th of this year. The cheaper of the two is a variety pack, which includes the aforementioned piano, fishing pole, and house, along with other cardboard creations. The more expensive of the two, includes just one large robot suit cardboard creation, which looks like it would take some serious time to put together.

Some media outlets have gotten some hands on with Labo and reactions have been positive for the most part. Only time will tell if Labo will have any longevity in the gaming market, and if kids will connect to it like Nintendo hopes they will. Nintendo has always thought about finding new ways to play games, for better or worse, but it’s one of the reasons they’ve managed to stick around for so long. Nintendo always thinks outside the (cardboard) box.