Evan Unveils His Top 10 Games of 2017

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10) Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The massive worlds of Xenoblade comes to Nintendo Switch in a big way, and doesn’t fail to deliver what made the last two entries truly memorable. It’s not without it’s usual Xenoblade problems, but it still manages to completely immerse you in the world wherever you go and provides hundreds of hours of gameplay to truly satisfy any RPG fans needs.

9) Cuphead

After years of development, the world finally got to experience Cuphead in all its glory. This morning cartoon style, run and gun 2D platformer was a huge hit, and rightfully so. It provides satisfying mechanics, some truly challenging gameplay, and memorable characters that offered a unique gaming experience in 2017. You’ll never be more frustrated and happy at the same time.

8) Injustice 2

The first injustice game offered DC Comics fans the fighter we always wanted. So how could Injustice 2 even begin to top it? Well, to fans delight, Injustice 2 took what made the first so great and truly built upon it. Adding many fan requested characters to the roster, expanding on the amazing story of the first, and adding the truly addictive multiverse and gears systems. No fighting game studio truly changes things up per game like NetherRealm does.

7) Sonic Mania

A return to form paid off in a huge way for the Sonic franchise. Mania took what worked before, modernizing old mechanics, and introduces new ones just as fun and memorable as the originals many grew up with. With amazing visuals and music to enhance the levels you’re speeding around in, Mania delivers one of the years best 2D platformers and one of the best Sonic games in many years.

6) Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

The original Wolfenstein was a huge surprise, so when a sequel was announced I couldn’t have been more excited. The New Colossus takes everything that made the fist game crazy fun, and dials it up a notch. The story is still as strong, boasting a strong chase of characters, from its fun heroes to its insane villains, Wolfenstein 2 offers one of the best single player experiences of 2017.

5) Assassins Creed Origins

Assassins Creed games are usually a fun time no matter what, but this years Origins tries to mix things up to make it more then just your typical Assassins Creed game. The newest setting of Egypt is truly an inspired choice, and one I’m glad they’ve chosen. The game improves on the games parkour system as per usual, making it better with each iteration. Combat has been reworked significantly, along with the additions of some RPG elements to the series. This years Assassins got a significant upgrade and one that was definitely needed.

4) South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The Stick of Truth was not only a massive love letter to South Park fans, it was an amazing game worthy of the shows brand. In the sequel the genre has changed to superhero’s and with that came some really awesome changes to some of the games already solid gameplay mechanics. The humor in the game is in top form. You’re basically just playing a longer episode of South Park itself. The cast of characters are as crazy as the show and the missions you do are just as ridiculous as the first game. It would be pretty difficult to not burst out laughing throughout.

3) Mario Odyssey

A 3D Mario game in the style of Mario 64 would make any Nintendo gamer lose their minds, which is exactly what happened when Odyssey was announced. Delivering on its promise of open sandbox levels, Odyssey gives you plenty to do and much to find. It does so in a unique way offering new ways to move around the world with Cappy, and the varied Kingdoms to explore every nook and cranny. Having different costumes for each kingdoms, and buying souvenirs really makes for a fun and immersive world to jump around in.

2) Horizon Zero Dawn

This open world adventure is unlike any other this year. Stunning visuals and character design immerse you in a completely new world of mechanical monsters and the different ways the characters of the world survive. The combat is smooth and done on such an epic scale, while the game world around you is also incredibly dense and varied. The story and its protagonist deliver on some of 2017 best gaming moments in a year of great single player experiences.

1) The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Zelda takes what you know about it’s history in gaming and applies it to the open world formula. It’s still the simple, complete dungeons and defeat the final boss structure of Zelda, but the game really sells itself on the idea of “its the journey, not the destination”. You can lose yourself for hours wandering the fast open fields or the freezing mountains and you’ll always run into something. With a plethora of mini dungeons scattered about, and occasional side quests to complete, there is never a dull moment in Breath of the Wild.