Fernando Discusses McGregor-Mayweather

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Who’s ready for the biggest event in not just Boxing or MMA but fighting history?! I know I am! This fight is expected to break all records which is crazy if you think about because we just had the fight that broke all records which was Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Even though that fight didn’t live up to the hype at least we have been entertained with the trash talking between Floyd and Conor, which is probably the biggest factor as to why this fight will do big number plus there is something about Conor that makes you want to believe everything he says will happen and we all want to see if he can do it tonight. Unfortunately, this PPV fight is 100 dollars and I don’t think it’s worth it because it’s probably going to be a boring fight but I’m still buying it with a few friends so it’s not going to hurt my pocket too bad. Another reason why I’m bummed about this fight is the under card because for all the money it’s making they should have gotten a decent card with other fighters who would satisfy the audience. They did the same for Floyd vs Manny most likely because they are cheap and want to keep more money for themselves. The under card is full of fighters who nobody cares for and the only fight worthwhile is the fight for the Light heavyweight title between Nathan Cleverly Vs. Badou Jack. They are both great champions who have proven themselves inside the ring and given great performances as well.

Now for the main event between the two most controversial fighters in sports entertainment Floyd and Conor. The level of trash talking is through the roof with these two fighters and it goes to prove if you want to make big money in the fight game you need to talk a lot of trash, but know how to back it up like these two. It’s amazing that this fight is happening but let’s get one thing clear – Conor has a shot at winning but it’s slim, even though he’s been boxing forever he hasn’t been doing it for as long as Floyd. In the beginning, I gave him a 10% chance but now that the gloves change to 8 ounce gloves I think he has 20% chance. Conor’s biggest factor is that he is precise and very powerful which gives him more possibilities with a smaller glove. The smaller the glove the more impact a fighter can give when they connect and this favors Floyd as well who’s had a lot of KO/TKO in the beginning of his career and now he’s fighting a fighter with zero boxing experience as a pro and we might see Floyds first KO/TKO in 10 years. Floyd had a KO in 2011 but I don’t count that because that KO was BS and if you haven’t seen it watch it on YouTube. UFC leaked footage of Conor sparring 2-time boxing champion Paulie Malingnaggi and I’m not going to lie I was really impressed with his performance and gives me hope that we will see a decent fight. The way I see this fight turning out is Floyd doing what he has done for years which is basically make his opponents miss while he hits you and gets away while you miss, but this time since Conor isn’t at the level of Floyd I think he can do that but have a lot of openings to KO/TKO McGregor. What I feel Conor needs to do is be patient and use the tools he has in boxing and once he has an opportunity to hurt Floyd which he will get he needs to go all out because he has nothing to lose and everything to gain even if he loses if he went out like a champion. My prediction is Floyd wins by Decision but I hope Conor proves everyone wrong!

Preliminary fights will be live on FOX probably starting at 8pm with fight coverage starting around 6pm while the main card starts at 10pm on Showtime, this will be a fight event you will not want to miss. Referee for this mega fight will be Robert Byrd who is a veteran referee who rarely make mistakes and I feel comfortable with him in the ring. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope we get our moneys worth.

Pay-Per-View (PPV) Main Card:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (149.5) vs. Conor McGregor (153)
IBF junior lightweight champion Gervonta Davis (132)* vs. Francisco Fonseca (130)
WBA light heavyweight champion Nathan Cleverly (174.25) vs. Badou Jack (174.5)
Andrew Tabiti (197.5) vs. Steve Cunningham (198) for vacant USBA cruiserweight title

*Title stripped, Fonseca can win now-vacant title.

FOX Prelims:

Thomas Dulorme (147) vs. Yordenis Ugas (148)
Juan Heraldez (142) vs. Jose Miguel Borrego (143)