Fernando Is Here To Talk About Canelo Álvarez vs. Julio César Chávez Jr

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Mexico is finally getting the fight they have been waiting for and that’s to see who is the real king of boxing. Canelo is loved by all and is seen as the king of Mexico for the moment, but there has always been doubt because he has never faced the son of the legend Julio Cesar Chavez who is considered the greatest boxer to come out of Mexico. Because of that so many boxing fans want to see this fight happen. This fight got more hyper after Julio started talking trash about Canelo saying he will knock him out and defeat him easily. Canelo of course doesn’t like that so that’s why they have such a huge grudge against one another. Plus, we have two Mexican boxers and if there is one thing I can tell you from my experience from watching so many fights both small and big events, when it comes to Mexican fighters especially if they hate each other it’s going to be a war and that’s something you cannot miss!

Canelo is coming off a knockout win against Liam Smith in the ninth round, he looked amazing in the fight and I loved his footwork, ring IQ and how he picked his shots to eventually KO his opponent. Since the Mayweather fight he has gotten better in every aspect of boxing including staying focused. He has won four out of six fights by KO since the Floyd fight and it doesn’t show the level of stardom to affect his performance which shows why he is considered the best fighter in the world. Canelo has trouble with defensive fighters like Lara, Cotto and Floyd only losing to Floyd but the point is Julio is exactly like Julio not very fancy they both take a punch to land one because they have great power in both hands. This type of fight I believe will favor Canelo because he has been fighting more and just showed he has a great chin, power and ring knowledge to win fights just like this, for example when he fought Alfred Angulo and won by technical knockout in the tenth round.

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Julio is a great fighter no matter what anyone says because you don’t go 46-0 and at the same time winning a world title with 3 title defenses without being good. He’s a good fighter but like many others I feel he hasn’t lived up to his potential even his own father has said so, he lost his title by Sergio and got TKO in the ninth round by Andrzej Fonfara because he didn’t take them seriously. Julio only fought one time in 2015 and 2016 even though he won both fights by decision he has looked descent but hasn’t show promise since he lost his title, but that can be because he lacks the motivation and when it comes to boxing if you are not on top it’s hard to get fights because it’s all politics. If motivation is what he needed to show who he really is well he has no more excuse he is fighting Canelo who is the king of boxing and someone he hates. Like I said before this is a fight that works in Julio favor because Canelo isn’t going to run from Julio he’s going to fight fire with fire, they will both test whose power is stronger.

What’s great about this fight is that they are not fighting for a title, they are fighting for Mexican fans, pride and who can call themselves the King of Mexico! The best part about Mexican boxing is that they can’t not back down or run because the Mexican fans would disown the fighter because that’s not allowed in their culture, so that’s why we are going to witness a war in the ring May 6! I’m very excited for this fight even though I like Julio more I believe Canelo is going to win because he really is the better fighter with more experience and just a better all-around boxing skills. What Julio has got going for him is that he has been inactive but has been training hard with great coaches and in high altitude, I do think he has more power but I don’t think it’s enough to win.

Canelo will win by unanimous decision.