Fernando Previews The Heat vs 76ers

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Tip off for the game will be at 7:30pm tonight. The heat are trying to keep the streak alive against the back to back. Probably tired also running out of players because of too many injuries and with only 9 players on the roster at the moment. The Philadelphia 76ers!!! These two team met earlier this year and unfortunately, the Heat lost, but times have changed and we are in great position to win tonight. I have several reasons why we will win – the first being the 76ers are coming to Miami after losing to the San Antonio Spurs last night. Second they have 6 players injured leaving only a 9 man roster and lastly they will be facing a team that finally came together as one and are playing beautifully with a confidence that can’t be touched. Whiteside is a key factor in this game and hopefully he can play because he took a big hit by Atlanta Hawks Taurean Prince, who after the game said he did not mean to hurt him and he doesn’t play that type of basketball. I believe the Heat will win this game almost the same way they beat Atlanta the other day, which is by passing the ball to the open man, hustling on defense and keeping the streak momentum going.

We have a lot of things in common with Philadelphia, both teams are making a come back and are not considered easy teams to beat and both teams don’t have a superstar, but what they do have is players who love basketball and are molding together to be an elite team. Joel Embiid is out because of injury and so are other key players like Robert Covington – both are their main scoring options. I see the Heat winning easily if Whiteside plays but if he doesn’t because of the fall he had I see this game being more close, but with Heat having the edge having fresher legs and more players available to play. I love how every player on the Heat is stepping up and not wasting any moment proving why they belong in the NBA. Also the leadership is all leading by example like James Johnson going at Atlanta’s Taurean Prince after the incident. That brings moral up and show’s everyone and warns the league when you mess with one of us you mess with all of us, so James Johnson thank you and keep up the good work –  I’m glad the heat signed you! I see the Heat winning by 7 to 9 points. The Heat confidence also being the fresher team gives them the edge and the Heat at the moment are playing at a higher level.