Fernando Says Eddie Bravo is taking Jiu Jitsu Competition To The Next Level!

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Eddie Bravo has made a competition that can be sometimes boring to watch like baseball or soccer and turned it to MMA where there is action all the time! This passed Saturday they had an amazing event with great Jiu Jitsu fighters who put on a show. After a 10 minute grappling round if there is no tap out they do overtime positions which are a lot of fun and reminds me of soccer penalties kicks. The over time rounds is basically putting the opponent in a bad position and if they tap you win and if you can’t the fighter with the most time before escaping win and goes to the next round.

I love watching Jiu Jitsu event but to be honest it’s really boring sometimes because a lot of fighters stall or try to win by points. With EBI it’s only won by submission which is awesome! The money for the champion is $20,000 which is amazing for a Jiu Jitsu artist because there isn’t a lot of money in Jiu Jitsu unless you own your own school and have a great reputation to attract people to their gym. Jiu Jitsu is a sport where you rarely get hurt unlike boxing or kickboxing, it allows you to always go 100 percent and this is only the beginning for EBI as they are only going to get bigger sponsors and fighters to participate in this event because everyone loves to see a win only by submission event.


I’m looking forward to them growing within the UFC fight pass and seeing bigger events happening, I would love to see an event a month. Eddie Bravo is the founder of EBI and the reason why he invented the way this competition is handled with the new rules was because he believes this is honestly the best way to determine who is the better grappler. I’ve done several competitions and what everyone hates is the competitor who stalls and just holds his opponent which is frustrating to watch and also upsetting to lose that way.

I’m hoping this will be a transferred to tournaments going on now or a Eddie makes his style of tournament worldwide where a normal person like myself can compete with grapplers at my level because for now EBI is by invitation by Eddie Bravo himself and you have to be a world class competitor. I’m glad to see the Jiu Jitsu culture getting more exposure and I see it having a good future which I’m excited to see!