Fernando Says The Heat Look To Keep Streaking Against The Nets

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Hello heat fans I hope you’re ready to see your Miami heat win another game and keep the streak alive. Tonight the Heat will be playing against the Brooklyn Nets, a team we recently beat on January 25, 2017 in a very close game that Dion Waiters  led the team with 24 points. Let’s take a moment to wish Jabari Parker, who got injured the other night and will not return for 12 months, a healthy recovery. We had a great game the other night against the Bucks and we need to use that momentum for tonight’s game so we can keeping the winning streak alive. Dion Waiters is out again which means we need Ellington and McGruder to step up again and help the team with another win. Both shooting guards have been playing very well and key players with Dion absence because of the injury. Last appearance in Brooklyn, Ellington had a great game scoring a 22 points and I’m looking forward to seeing him have a better performance now that more minutes are available for him.


Last game Whiteside performed poorly only having 7 points and 1 rebound while Brook Lopez had 33 points and 4 rebounds. That’s big difference but that will change tonight. Whiteside is a lot healthier than the last meeting the two teams had plus I’m sure he will use that as motivation to perform even better this time around. I believe if we can stop the offense of Lopez we will win this game a lot easier because the Nets besides Lopez don’t have someone who can score at will. They have Lin on their team who helps with team chemistry and score making but he is currently injured. I don’t see the Nets beating the Heat tonight. I feel the Heat will have a similar performance we had with the Bucks. The Heat will win by 10 point so write that down. Goran Dragic had an amazing game against the Nets scoring 17 points with 9 assists and 3 rebounds. I believe he will have another great game against the Nets and probably scoring more since Dion is out a second straight game. Dragic is performing great and with the trade deadline coming up the Heat organization better keep him. It would suck to lose such a great player who is giving this team everything he has. Shout-out to Derrick Williams on his performance last night with the Cavaliers, I was able to catch that game and he played very well I wish him the best of luck.