Fernando Says These Miami Heat Deserve Your Support!

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This Miami Heat team doesn’t have any superstars or a Big Three anymore, but what we do have is a team full of players who have nothing but heart and love for the game. The Heat have players either were not given a chance on their previous teams or were just signed for practice. But our Heat players didn’t settle or let that type of label hold them back from coming together and transforming to team that is fun to watch and playing like they want to win a championship. I’ve loved the team since I was kid and I’m very passionate about the team because I grew up loving basketball and the Heat organization was a big part of it. The Heat coaching staff is doing a great job with all the player development and giving everyone on the roster a chance to play and be apart of the team. They play like a family and not one person on that team is trying to outshine the other person. We have a lot of games left before the season ends and that’s plenty of more time to keep developing our team to become better and have a good run in the playoffs. Just a reminder Papa Johns give you 50% off every time they win and the code is heatwin. The heat just destroyed the Atlanta Hawks by playing beautifully with great defense and playing together always looking for the best shot and not a forced shot. The streak is at 9 and I know it’s going to keep growing. It’s a great time to be a Heat fan so join the bandwagon now because this team going to do great things. Just because they don’t have a superstar doesn’t mean we can’t have a great season or win a championship because the 2004 Detroit Pistons won with no superstar just a bunch of good players who were given a chance other teams didn’t give them.