Fernando Says Thurman vs. Garcia Is A Welterweight Fight That Will Live Up To The Hype

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Ladies and gentlemen tonight live and free there will be an amazing Welterweight fight that you will not want to miss! We are finally getting a good boxing match that I believe will live up to the hype and help boxings image. Besides having two of the best Welterweights finally fighting each other after several negotiation failures, they will be fighting free on CBS. Thank you CBS you saved me money I would of paid for this fight on PPV. Both fighters are evenly matched with small differences which makes this fight hard to predict what will happen between them both in the ring. Both fighters are known for having heavy hands but I believe Thurman is the fighter who has more power because he has knocked out more people and has been able to hurt fighters more in fights than Garcia. Besides the power I think they are evenly matched but I believe Thurman is just a little bit better than Garcia in all areas and I say that because after watching both fighters last few fights Thurman seems to be the sharper fighter.

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I would like to add that Danny hasn’t looked good in a few fights which I believed he lost which were against Mauricio Herrera and Lamont Peterson, and let’s not forget easy fights he took like Vargas and Salka which just makes the sport look bad. There is a lot of animosity between both fighters camp if you haven’t seen the press conference please do its very entertaining Thurman and Danny dad got in each other face and literally almost fought. Danny does have an advantage which is Thurman is coming off a 9 month layoff, we will see if that will affect him or not he did choose not to have a tune up fight which I love because it shows how confident he is and not making us wait for this fighter even longer. This will be a fun fight to watch I see Thurman winning by KO or Decision and if Danny were to win I see him winning by split decision, I’m looking forward to both fighters brawling it out for a few seconds in which I think will happen eventually in the fight probably in the 7, 8 or 9 round. The event will be held in New York at the Barclays Center and the title on the line will be for the WBC and WBA Welterweight titles which are the two most prestigious titles in boxing history.