Fernando Says UFC 209: Woodley vs. Thompson 2 Is An Event Not To Be Missed

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I’m very excited for this event because it has a lot of fights that I’m looking forward to and the fight I’m most excited for is the main event that was considered a classic title fight but ended up a draw. Well, we the fans get spoiled because they are fighting again! The card isn’t stacked but it has great fights like Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagonedov and Mark Hunt vs. Alistair Overeem, which I believe are going to be nothing but wars or just plain exciting so buy the PPV people. I don’t think you will be disappointed. Before we get to the main card we have a lot of other prospects that are fighting who you should look out for and they are Luri Alcantara, Darren Elkins and Dan Kelly. These guys are very good and exciting so if you don’t want to pay for the PPV, they will be probably in the prelims which are free to watch on UFC fight pass or FOX.

Now lets talk about Hunt vs. Overeem who are both world class strikers with one punch KO power and high level stand up. That will lead to a stand up war for the ages (if Overeem doesn’t run or chin last). Both fighters have a lot to prove after their lackluster performances in their last fight. Overeem being TKO by Stipe after almost knocking and submitting the current champion and Hunt who lost a one sided fight against Brock Lesnar who was on steriods, so Hunt gets a pass for that fight I think. Fun fact both fighters were TKO by the current champion Stipe Miocic. Overeem was in the second round and Hunt was able to last a little longer he got TKO in the fifth round. Both fighters fought bravely but Stipe is the champ for a reason he just had a little more heart and skills to win both fights. I’m hoping for a war but honestly I think Overeem is going to play it very technical against Hunt and will try to take him down because Hunt is not very skilled on the ground like Overeem. You already know what Hunt is going to do and that’s go for the KO, he will try to defend the take down and try to KO his opponent and I’m sure he will love to test Alistair’s chin because he hasn’t been able to take much damage lately.


Next fight is the most anticipated light weight fight in years between Tony vs Khabib. Tony has a nine fight winning streak and Khabib is an undefeated fighter with twenty four wins and eight straight in the UFC. This fight is for the interim lightweight championship because Conor Mcgregor is taking time off and could take even more time if he fights Mayweather JR in his future. The winner will either fight Conor or become the real light weight champion because I don’t see Conor fighting any of these fighters because they don’t draw the amount of money Conor is used to like a Nick Diaz or a GSP. Both fighters are coming off amazing performances which makes this fight even more exciting. Tony recently defeated the UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos by unanimous decision in a fight where he displayed how skilled he is in all areas of MMA. Khabib is coming off a win where he destroyed Michael Johnson with his ground game and submitted him in the third round while talking to Dana White telling him to give him a title shot. This guy is on a mission and I don’t recommend getting in his way. Since this is a title fight it will be five five minute rounds of a high pace, it’s a striker versus grappler type of fight. Tony has the better striking with a good ground game as well – his long arms and legs make it easier for him to get a submission and that’s something Khabib has to watch out for. Khabib is going to strike a little then take the fighter to the ground to either grind him out to a decision or submission, he is very strong and there hasn’t been a fighter able to get out of his heavy top game that has beaten everyone he’s faced. If Tony is able to handle Khabib’s top game because he will take it to the ground this fight will become very interesting especially with a five round fight where there is plenty of time and I believe this fight will also be determined on who had the better camp as in nutrition and cardio.

Now to the main event it will be between Tyron vs. Stephen and they plan to start where they left off back in New York on UFC 205. The fight ended in a draw but no one lost because they put on an amazing display. It was all action and the emotions were up and down because they kept going back and forth against one another. I believe Tyron won the fight three rounds to two. He did more damage and almost finished the fight several times and had better positions in the fight. I cant take anything away from Stephon he fought a good fight, he displayed his striking also showed he has a lot of heart because he took big shots from Tyron but I don’t think he did enough to win. I’m looking forward to seeing who has the better game plan because now that they fought each other they know how each other feels and kinda know what they feel they are better at going against their rival. I think Tyron needs to not take any chances against Stephon’s stand up and take him to the ground where he has the advantage in grappling and strength. Stephon needs to let his hands go and not be afraid of the big right hand that Tyron has because if he does he will have the same performance. He also needs to speed up the pace and make Tyron tired so he can implement his superior striking. I can’t wait until tonight because this will be a great card to watch and hopefully it lives up to my expectations.