Fernando Talks Gennady Golovkin vs Danny Jacobs Tonight!

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This fight is for the middleweight championship of the world and we have two of the best fighters competing to find out who is the best. The winner of this fight will definitely be undisputed. Both fighter’s are very skilled and what everyone is most excited is that they both have tremendous power in both hands. I see this fight happening just like Hagler vs Hearns. If you haven’t seen that one you can thank me later trust me go on YouTube and look up that fight. I see this fight being very exciting with heavy hands being thrown early and the fighter with the best chin is going to win. Danny has KO 29 out of 32 wins and Gennady has KO 33 out of 33 wins, so you can probably predict that this fight might end in TKO or knockout. I believe Gennady will win because he has a good chin and he’s never been knocked out unlike Danny who’s only lostswas from a knockout back in July of 2010, which gives the edge to Gennady because he has the power to put his opponents away especially if they have week chins.

It is a hard fight to predict or choose a winner because Danny looked so good in his last two fights by winning by knockout to a couple of very high level fighters named Peter Quillin and Sergio Mora, defeating both fighters the way he did in just one round and Sergio in seven rounds was just amazing to watch. I give the edge to Gennady, but I can’t deny Danny punching per as well, we will see how strong Gennady’s chin really is because some fans and writers feel he hasn’t been really tested. This fight is what boxing needs, it would of been better if it was free instead of pay per view. This will be live on HBO they need to start showing free fights because people love to watch for example Thurman vs Garcia which happened live on abc on the first Saturday of March did 5.1 million views. Boxing isn’t worth paying for anymore and that because UFC has taken over I believe they should show free boxing fights to make boxing great again. Don’t miss this fight on HBO March 18, if you can’t afford it go to a bar trust me it’s going to be worth it. Plus Roman Gonzalez is defending his super flyweight  title against Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, who are two fighter’s in their prime and are the best fighter’s in their weight class. This is a first time in a long time boxing has actually added a good co main event. Both fighter are knockout artist as well so it’s lined up to be a exciting night and with flyweights you already know it’s going to be non stop action, I can’t wait!