Frozen 2 gets announced

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Hey all. Steve here. A little earlier today, we all learned what was pretty obvious to most of us…that there would be a sequel to Frozen. Most parents out there are thinking “oh no, what song is going to be in the sequel that will drive us crazy this time”? Well I am here to tell you to just let it go. Hmm. See what I did there? Anyway, there is no release date just yet, but kids out there are sure to be excited just to know that all of their Frozen friends will be back and they will count down the days once we get a release date.

For all of us parents out there, get ready for Frozen 2 memorabilia and the way your kids will NEED to see it time and time again. Then there is the sound track. Get ready starting now. The first one made $1.3 billion and the popularity STILL hasn’t died down.

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