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Gia Returns For A Quick Preview Of SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS!

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It wouldn’t be October without another Erik Bloomquist mystery short film.

Over the past four years, Bloomquist has impressed critics and audiences with “The Cobblestone Corridor” and “Ghost Tour” short films. This summer, he earned two Emmy Awards for for Outstanding Writer and Director for “The Cobblestone Corridor” neo-noir TV series.

This year, he is back with “She Came From The Woods,” a thriller where a campfire story comes to life for a group of counselors at Camp Briarbook, according to a press release.

The acclaimed director definitely has a knack for reviving classic film story-lines, both noir and cult, on a highly professional caliber.

Co-directed with his brother Carson, who held credits in other Mainframe Films productions, the pair tell us this film was inspired by Nickelodeon’s “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”

You’ll definitely feel like a kid again. From the looks of the trailer, “She Came From The Woods” has some 80s flair with possible inspiration from The Blair Witch Project.

The camp counselor’s shirts even look late 20th century camp style, as they’re almost identical to those of The Parent Trap and Jimmy Fallon’s Camp Winnipesaukee sketches with Justin Timberlake.

Audiences are in for nostalgia with modern photography and overall filmmaking. The trailer predicts another Bloomquist film with crisp, seamless audio, sound and editing.

The Bloomquist Brothers invite audiences to awaken their imaginations and remember that “sometimes there is nothing more fun than a good old-fashioned campfire story.”