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Gia’s Thoughts on Cobblestone Corridor Series Trailer

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Hot off the Press!

New series The Cobblestone Corridor released its season 1 trailer last night, and it is contrastingly a cold, hard, delicious new addition to visual art and commentary on modern American journalism.

It seems to be all about upholding tradition at the Pierce Gazette, Alfred Pierce Preparatory School’s student newspaper and cornerstone of the academy. Student reporters and editors work with the hustle off New York Times writers, but they cannot escape the cattiness and pettiness of high school, as their top story is “a school prank that goes awry,” according to the trailer’s description.

What we see from this trailer is a lowly reporter manipulating her editor for a one-page scoop, hard copy. No blogs or distractions. She understands 21st century journalism is both blessed and cursed with online and social media, but this hardball wants her words in the Gazette and only the Gazette. To her, the virtual world is a necessary evil meant to only amplify news coverage, not break it down piece-by-piece.


(Old school; I love that!)

What is so interesting about film/TV journalists is how they act as both the protagonist and antagonist in each plot.

They are heroes obeying a strict code of ethics and chasing stories for the good of all (“The people deserve to know the truth”), but they are also, unfortunately, notoriously known as ego-maniacs and masters of manipulation to get said stories, as we see in Bloomquist’s pen click.

Again, these are high school students. They may not have all the worldly experience, but their analysis of The Scarlet Letter in their English class magnifies their keen eyes for spotting/starting drama and reacting to evilness (“People only run if they want to get caught”), not to mention manifests their narcissism.

These kids know what they’re doing, and they will crush anyone who steps in their way. And audiences eat that up! (Totally ethical, right?)


Over-dramatized and over-romantic viewpoints? Perhaps. But audiences should definitely follow the story that is The Cobblestone Corridor.

You can follow The Cobblestone Corridor for yourself on Social Media: