Gia’s Top 10 Television Show Theme Songs

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Choosing a restaurant for dinner? Deciding where to attend college? Those are pretty big decisions to make, but I have to say… picking my Top 10 television theme songs may have been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

Originally with 32 themes in mind (both songs with lyrics and instrumental tunes included), I’ve narrowed it down to the music that continues to give me goose bumps.

Songs of sweet nostalgia I pray my generation and generations after my own will feel when they hear the first few bars that taught us to cherish life, love, and friendship.

I was lucky enough to grow up with shows from the 1950’s through today, and I try to pay homage to all eras in my Top 10 below.

These theme songs are key to entertainment history in America, and I share these classics hoping you feel the same.

I chose to pick only themes with lyrics as the instrumentals belong, I believe, in a separate category. (But I will list my favorites!)

Let’s stroll down memory lane, shall we? Here are my top 10 TV themes!

10. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

In West Philadelphia, born and … you know the rest! I don’t care if you were born in ’57 or ’97, we’re all ‘90’s kids at heart, and we love the wackiness this song embodies. Thanks, Will!

9. Boy Meets World

Now, BMW went through many, many theme songs as Cory, Shawn, Eric, and Topanga grew up (also in Philly), but this song reminds us that true friends will always stand by each other as we learn new lessons every day…Thanks Mr. Feeny!

8. The Addams Family

We’re all a little creepy and cooky at heart, aren’t we? Normalcy is overrated in The Addams Family, and I pray this theme song is never considered underrated. It’s too good.  Thank you, strategically placed snaps!

7. The Big Bang Theory

“…We built the pyramids!” Even if you can’t keep up with the lyrics exactly until this part comes up (like my family!), we all know this is one of the catchiest theme songs to a new millennium comedy. Thanks, Big Bang! Hey!

6. Three’s Company

“Come and knock on our door!” No one knocks on anyone’s door nowadays. Everyone always texts, “hey, I’m here” in the driveway. Well, let’s step into the foyer and join the light and hilarious misunderstandings of Jack, Janet, and Chrissy in Three’s Company. Thanks for the kisses!

5. Cheers

Oh, the feels! We all have that one place with a thousand memories, and sometimes want to go back to the place where it all began. And be welcomed back. This is the guaranteed tearjerker theme song. Thanks for knowing my name, everybody!

4. Drake and Josh

We all need someone to pick us up when we’re down. For 18-24 year-olds like myself, growing up with Drake Bell and Josh Peck was a true privilege. Hearing this song after the most hilarious split-screen banter, I thank them for always “turning around!”

3. Friends

Ross, Chandler, Monica. Phoebe, Joey, and Rachel. The goofiest, most sarcastic bunch in Central Perk who taught us that life was simply “gonna be this way.” Times were a ‘changin’, and they loved rolling with the punches! They were always there for each other, but more importantly, they were there for us to gallivant in a fountain while wearing white turtlenecks. Thanks, gang for being there every day, month, and year!

2. Full House

My personal favorite show. Sometimes they played the full (extended) version, but cut or un-cut, the paper boy and evening TV taught us that nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than family and pursuing our dreams. It’s about always supporting others and knowing that when we feel down, someone out there will need us…everywhere we look. Thanks, Full House for always being a hand to hold onto!

1. Happy Days

All right. Nothing says nostalgia like Happy Days. From Joanie and Chachi to the Cunninghams and the “Fonz,” thanks for rocking and rolling all week long!

Instrumental Top 8:


The Andy Griffith Show

Rocket Power

How I Met Your Mother

Blue’s Clues

The West Wing

The Newsroom

I Dream of Jeannie

My favorite songs that didn’t make the cut L

SpongeBob Squarepants, Saved by the Bell, The Fairly Odd Parents, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Family Matters, Step By Step, Phil of the Future, iCarly