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Gilberto Campa – Content Contributor

Hello Everyone! My name is Gilberto Campa. Is it bad that I LOVE watching a lot of movies? I don’t think so, but I digress. I was born & raised in Miami and have pretty much stayed in every major area in the city. I am 26 years old and Comic Books are something that I have a deep passion for, ever since I was young and was exposed to a little show called “Batman: The Animated Series”  I have been waving the flag of Batman ever since. But I do also very much enjoy the Marvel films as well along with some Anime’s anything that I find really engaging and interesting. In terms of the type of films that I enjoy watching you can pretty much name every genre except horror lol (not the biggest fan) but I love a good drama or comedy along with some great action or an emotionally engaging film. Plus if there is a great score along with it then I’m definitely in. My favorite film of all time is without question the masterpiece that is “The Dark Knight” not only is it the best batman film but it’s one of the best films of all time in my opinion. I also enjoy some sports such as Basketball, Football (both American and REAL football) as well as a good television show. Something else that I really have a passion for is Professional Wrestling (been a fan since 9 and I haven’t looked back) I would love to work in the film industry someday but who knows? The only thing that I know is that movies are so important in many people’s lives for many different reasons.