Gilberto Says GIRLS TRIP Is The Summer’s Best Comedy

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So far this year has been really good for movies with a great medley of different films that have received critical and financial success. But out of the majority of movies that I have seen this year, I noticed that I haven’t seen a really good comedy in a while..until I saw “Girls Trip”. Trying to come up with coherent and logical reasoning’s on what I liked about this movie it really all starts with the humor and the casting. Malcolm D. Lee who has directed some other good comedy/drama films that include (The Best Man Holiday, Undercover Brother, and Soul Men) has delivered one of the funniest and most enjoyable films of the year that also hit the dramatic side when it needed to.

I really enjoyed the cast for this movie with the experienced Queen Latifah (Sasha) , Jada Pinkett Smith (Lisa), Regina Hall (Ryan), alongside a relative newcomer, Tiffany Haddish (Dina) who in my opinion steals the movie while providing the most laughs (Me and my girlfriend along with the rest of the crowd literally were laughing so much it was ridiculous). The rest of the supporting cast does a nice job as well with Mike Colter aka Luke Cage playing Stewart who is involved with Ryan. While on the other side of that you have the wonderfully talented Larenz Tate who plays Julian who is an old friend and supporter of Ryan.

Now usually with comedies that include groups of friends catching up and going through life, you usually have the common tropes that a comedy includes that have been seen time and time again. But in Girls Trip even with Tiffany Haddish providing laugh after laugh (right from her first scene) with her almost obnoxious humor that leaves you crying again and again, but even with all of that humor, the movie never lost its true meaning. The bond of deep friendship that the four characters have is what drives this movie and makes you invest in them, even through the bad times. It makes you sit back and think about the struggles and breakthroughs that you may have with your friends as life can often keep you apart, but the bond of friendship is what keeps you together with them.

Ultimately I was pretty confident in this movie giving me have a good time,and my girlfriend loved the movie as well. It’s not only a good comedy but it’s a good date movie as well as an overall enjoyable film that gives a lot of advice. At the end of the day being in a relationship that is not equal or caring is not worth the trouble, even when it feels like you don’t have anything you will always have your friends which is a lesson that Ryan experiences first hand throughout the film.

I hope that Tiffany Haddish continues to get roles like this in more movies as her popularity grows because she has a great grasp on certain aspects of comedy (based off her television and web appearances in addition to Girls Trip). And it was also enjoyable to see Jada Pinkett have fun with the role that she had because after you see this, you will come to understand how Will Smith is one lucky man. And this may or may not be a good thing,but you won’t be able to look at Grapefruits the same way again…I’ll just leave it at that. Go out and get ready to laugh with Girls Trip !