Gilberto Says MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE-FALLOUT Is The Best Film In The Franchise.

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With its sixth installment in the franchise “Mission Impossible: Fallout” brings back Tom Cruise and Director/Writer Christopher McQuarrie to the helm after the very solid “Rogue Nation” , which is the first time a previous director has returned in the series to do another film. Unlike some other film franchises that don’t know when to quit or one’s that can’t bring anything new to the series, the Mission Impossible films are the exception to the rule in more ways than one.

The title “Fallout” is not just a literal title but it also has much to do with what the movie is about for IMF Agent Ethan Hunt who has many tough choices to make throughout the film. Joining Cruise on the mission this time around are veteran franchise stars Luther (Ving Rhames), Benji (Simon Pegg), Julia (Michelle Monaghan) and Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson) with her motorcycle. Once again like the previous movie the story and the writing are very solid from beginning to end and you are never bored when the action sequences aren’t happening, which is a credit to the quality of acting and the great performances that are delivered. If you have seen a majority of the other movies then there are many callbacks and homage’s to previous moments in the series that pay off well, but if you have not then you won’t be lost or confused as the movie catches you up.

One new addition that came with a lot of anticipation and excitement for me was Henry Cavill (and the most expensive mustache in history) as CIA Assassin August Walker who immediately makes his presence felt when we first meet him. Walker and Hunt develop a very intense and uneasy partnership as the CIA is overseeing the IMF’s mission due to the lack of trust they have in Ethan, which stems from the fact that they believe he is going to go rogue based off previous events and his state of mind. Like any movie that he is a part of Tom Cruise does everything on his own (no stunt man required) and much of what he does in the film are sequences that I have never experienced before. Not that the previous action sequences in the other films weren’t amazing or incredible, but I was floored by what I saw in this movie. I would also like to mention that Cavill delivers as well and goes toe to toe with Cruise in the action scenes that they have together which all adds up to a very good performance from Cavill who I hope gets to have more complex roles in the future.

Christopher McQuarrie in my opinion has solidified himself as the best action director in Hollywood because of the way he shoots action and movement in, especially in this movie. Whether it is a motorcycle chase, climbing the side of a mountain, or free falling from a helicopter, McQuarrie puts you in the center of whatever is going on so you feel everything the character is going through which adds to the movie going experience. Mission Impossible: Fallout is one of my favorite movies of the year and left me wanting to immediately see it again because it was such a great experience. Most action movies don’t have the writing to match what is going on screen, but Fallout is not only one of the best action movies I have ever seen…it is also a smartly written film. I cannot say enough about Fallout and I employ everyone to see this in the theater as it is the reason we go and see movies on the biggest screen possible. Mission: Impossible-Fallout is pure entertainment and heart stopping action from beginning to end and it will shock you…in a good way.