Gilberto Says People Will Be Discussing BABY DRIVER For Years To Come

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Music is something that plays a very important role in all of our lives, personally speaking music to me invokes a feeling of calmness and relaxation whether I’m driving down the street, working out or getting some work done. When it comes to music in film that’s a whole other discussion, music depending on the movie either complements or provides a guide to tell the audience how they should be feeling in a certain moment or scene. I don’t want to speak for everyone else here at CineSportsTalk, but I absolutely love scores and soundtracks in film and consider myself a score fanatic (if ever such a thing existed) so needless to say I was very much looking forward to Edgar Wrights latest film, Baby Driver.

Coming off his previous film (The Worlds End) and the fiasco that he had with Marvel Studio’s and the production of Ant Man, Edgar Wright has spent the last three years working on Baby Driver which he had the basic premise for since 1994 which he had previously used in a music video for Mint Royale’s 2003 record “Blue Song” . And fortunately for us the wait was well worth it as in my opinion Edgar Wright has delivered a masterpiece that is my favorite movie of the year so far (even with six more months to go). But if Edgar Wright wasn’t enough to get you interested in this movie, sometimes a director isn’t enough, let’s get to the amazing ensemble cast that this movie had. Besides the direction I really want to take the time to mention the amazing editors (Jonathan Amos and Paul Machliss) who crafted this movie together beautifully along with the score and soundtrack for the film that was provided by Steven Price (Suicide Squad, Gravity, Fury, The Worlds End) as they all helped create such an original environment and established a tone that was utterly unique which drove the whole movie (Even the shootouts had a rhythm to them).

Starting things off is the lead for this movie in Ansel Elgort (Paper Towns, The Divergent Series and Carrie) as the titular character Baby. For me he is the heartbeat and driving force (HA!) behind this film, he never says too much but one thing that you cannot say is that he is slow, without giving away any spoilers Baby goes through a life changing journey in the movie that is channeled through his love of music and the love of his life, Debora. Speaking of Debora, Lily James (Broken, Fast Girls, Cinderella) provided great chemistry with Ansel and it was beautiful to see how their journey developed throughout the film, and again (this is a theme) it was all due to the beautiful love that they both had for music which brought them together.

In terms of the rest of the characters this is where the movie really shines for me, starting off with the Godfather of the criminal operation Doc, played by the oh so talented Frank Underwood himself, Kevin Spacey (need I say more?) did a remarkable job as the mastermind and somewhat of a friend (or so it seems) to Baby who he considers as his lucky charm that he can’t seem to (and doesn’t want) get rid of. Now when it comes to committing robberies you need a crew, a really good one at that. And who better than the three main eccentric robbers which includes Jamie Foxx as Bats aka Leon (the unstable and paranoid one) Elza Gonzalez as Darling (the crazy lover) and her partner in crime Buddy played by the very intense Jon Hamm (who stole the movie for me). They are not the only criminals in the film as Jon Bernthal makes an appearance in the beginning of the movie as Griff who questions Baby’s commitment and state of mind. The reason that I believe Jon Hamm stole the movie for me was due to how intense and how much of a change Buddy made as the character progressed, at moments you really felt that he wanted Baby to get out of the life that he was forced into and do something better, but after what happens towards the end of the movie, we really get to see the real Buddy as he starts to see Red (Cue Jon Hamm intensity).

If there is any negative in this movie,the only thing that I can think about is having more Bernthal but that’s ok, the small moment he was on screen was great to see. Another thing that Baby Driver does well is tap into the emotions of the characters through the score and by the setting of the scene, one thing that I liked was the misdirection in the movie as I thought something was going to go a certain way but actually went completely different which keeps you on the edge of your seat. And yes, even though the film is technically listed as a comedy/drama/crime/thriller you can’t really fit this movie into a box as so many different emotions were shown in Baby Driver (especially the last 20 minutes) which helped kept it very balance.

Along with its amazing soundtrack that took me on a journey throughout this movie, Baby Driver was one of the most original films that I have seen in a while and is probably the best use of music in a film that I have ever seen and will likely never see again. Along with the great car sequences along with the natural and witty humor with moments of drama and dread, there is nothing that this movie couldn’t deliver on. Like I mentioned at the beginning people will be examining and dissecting Baby Driver for years and years to come.