Gilberto Says RED SPARROW Does Little To Make You Care

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Based on the 2013 novel of the same name written by Jason Matthews “Red Sparrow” tells the story of Russian and American espionage centered on Dominika Egorova played by the incomparable Jennifer Lawrence. The film once again reunites Francis Lawrence (Director) and Jennifer Lawrence (no relation) who have worked together three times previously in the Hunger Games series which brought a sense of comfort and it allowed Jennifer to be more in control of her role. After seeing the movie last week the one thing that I would change is the amount of time that the movie has, with the kind of story that is being told here you need to have meaningful scenes that move the story along in a natural way. Red Sparrow is full of great actors who all bring their A-Game to the roles that they have (Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts and Jeremy Irons just to name a few) but just having good actors doesn’t make the movie work in its traditional sense. Throughout the film I was waiting for things to happen and move along but a lot of the scenes in the movie involve one person speaking to another which tends to drag.

The fighting and the violence in the film are very visceral and was hard to watch at times so if that isn’t necessarily your favorite thing then this may not be the movie for you. The overall story is very depressing as you see all of the struggles and circumstances that Dominika (Jennifer) goes through to become an agent of the Russian Government. A lot of themes in the film deal with identity, human nature and power. The overall scheme that Dominika accomplishes in the movie and the complete change that she makes throughout the story is performed well but unfortunately the rest of the film doesn’t keep you invested enough to really care. And at the end of the day that’s all that really matters, Jennifer didn’t phone it in on this movie but hopefully her next one is more engaging.

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