Gilberto Says TAG Is One Of The Most Original Comedies In Years!

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We all have ways that we keep in touch with our close childhood friends throughout our lives. Sometimes it could be a reunion, a wedding or even an anniversary, but for Hoagie, Ed Helms, and his four friends they have created a very special way of doing just that. Tag is the true story of five childhood friends who every year during the month of May play tag regardless of the situation or the location that they may be living in, and very competitively.

It’s hard to name a movie that had such a ridiculous concept before seeing Tag so it’s hard to figure out how the film would turn out. One thing that was exciting was the cast that was chosen for the movie since a majority of the actors involved, Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, Hannibal Buress and Jon Hamm, all have comedic experience in prior movies and projects. Right from the start, the film does a good job of setting up the rules of the game, so to speak, and makes it simple to follow to bring the audience up to speed. After all it is tag. The theatrical film debut for director Rob Mckittrick came with a lot of the sequences shot well, especially when it came down to the guys playing the actual game of tag. There are about two to three sequences in the movie that feel different from other comedies that and it made the game more cinematic while raising the stakes, amidst the ridiculousness going on.

When it comes to stand out performances it’s safe to mention Jeremy Renner who plays Jerry, the one member of the group who has never been tagged in 30 years of playing, really commands the screen. Renner bought a little bit of his Hawkeye action to his character and made things interesting as you never knew how he was going to get out of a situation. He even went so far as to fracture his right elbow along with his left wrist during the filming of the movie which shows just how much dedication and attention to detail Renner put into Tag, even if it’s not as demanding as his other roles. Despite the crazy and funny moments that ensue, the game does have a very nice and touching meaning for the five friends as to why they love to play and keep this tradition alive between them.

Tag is going to be a real big hit with audiences as it’s a fresh and new take for a genre that needs to continue to innovate instead of sticking to sequels or outdated jokes. From beginning to end, Tag will make you smile and laugh out loud while constantly saying “what the hell am I watching?!” but in a good way. So, with a strong cast and a fun and interesting premise Tag will leave you entertained and will make you think about the level of friendship you may have personally with your own group of people that you are close to. Take some time this weekend and tag along, pun intended, with your friends and family to see it.