Gilberto Says TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT Is The Best Since The Original

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With its fifth entry in the franchise and with more movies on the way (including a Bumblebee prequel) and with the amount of money that these movies make, there seems to be no stopping the Transformers film franchise at this point. In the latest installment, Transformers: The Last Knight we get another world ending event that can only be stopped by the Autobots and the help of the human allies lead by Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) who returns to the franchise after he was introduced in the previous film (Age of Extinction).

The story of this movie is pretty simple at least compared to the previous films in the series, taking place a couple of months after the last movie, Optimus Prime left earth to try and find his creator as he believes they are the reasons why all of these conflicts continue to happen on earth. Meanwhile on earth Transformers are continued being labeled as outcasts and are being monitored by the TRF (Transformers Reaction Force). Among the TRF is another returning character to the franchise Colonel. William Lennox (Josh Duhamel) who reluctantly works with the TRF to help monitor the Autobots activity in the World.

After an amazing opening sequence which featured an epic battle between King Arthur and his knights of the Roundtable fighting off invaders (and a dragon because why not), we learn more about the real history of the Autobots and why the earth is so important to the history of cybertron, wait for it…wait for it….apparently earth has another name according to Quentessa (The main antagonist of the movie) UNICRON (I have to admit, that was a pretty interesting twist). But the film follows the same type of format that is familiar to the franchise so nothing really came as to a surprise, but that’s not the point of a movie like this. The reason I go to see these movies is to be entertained by the action and to have a good time, I don’t want to sit here and say that this movie is just mindless entertainment and doesn’t deserve to be made because that would be an insult to everyone who worked on this film. You know what you are getting yourself into with a transformers movie (Great action, snarky humor, confusing plot, typical character interactions).


But by no means do I think you should skip this movie, one thing that I enjoyed were the new characters that were introduced in the movie and the roles that they ended up playing. Isabella Moner as Izabella was a interesting new addition to the movie as a young latina girl (Si!) who ends up joining the fight with Yeager after losing all of the family that she had in the battle of Chicago in the third film, I thought that she played well with Mark Wahlberg and the banter that they had with each other was fun to watch plus she was able to carry her own in certain sequences. Just like the previous films in the franchise they decided to cast an older established actor to help carry the movie and Anthony Hopkins as Sir Edmund Burton did just that. Along with his personal caretaker and comedic relief Cogman, a human type Autobot who helps our heroes in their journey, these two were what kept the movie going in my opinion (besides the action). And of course, it wouldn’t be a transformers movie without an attractive female lead and Laura Haddock (aka Star Lord’s Mother) as Viviane Wembly provided that in more ways than one.

I know what you’re thinking though, and no, she is not objectified and used just because she is a woman but she actually plays the most important part in the movie as being the reason why the Autobots and the humans win the battle at the end of the day. And when it comes to the transformers themselves you will be surprised to find out that Optimus Prime isn’t in the movie as much as you would expect which was interesting to do and it did serve the story. I think the reason that they did that was to make Bumblebee go through his biggest arch since the first movie, during the climactic battle between the two most beloved characters in the series, its ultimately ended by Bumblebee FINALLY speaking in his natural voice which snaps Optimus from his trance (yes, his heel turn doesn’t last that long) which was a great moment between the two characters.


Ultimately this movie ends with the familiar message and tone that all of the previous movies did with the trusting of humanity and the Autobots accepting that the earth is where they will live now with no aspirations in bring cybertron back anymore. But by the end of the movie you are left with more questions than answers (especially with the post credits scene) and that may not sit right with everyone. But as long as this movie makes money (every Michael Bay film has made all of its money back or more since his first movie) then Transformers movies will continue to be made for the very near future. But hopefully they consider having a new type of direction for the franchise that can help change the opinion that people have on these movies. So don’t worry about what people will say about this movie, like I always say go and see it for yourself and come up with your own opinion; the movies are all about being entertained and that’s what The Last Knight did for me. Plus the 3D was really well done which made the overall experience great to see.

The best transformers since the 1st one.

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