Gilberto says Widows brings something new to the heist genre

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Director Steve McQueen who helmed the critically successful 12 years a Slave in 2013 brings another interesting and unique perspective to the heist genre in his new film, Widows. Set in the highly volatile and tough city of Chicago, Illinois there were many different elements to the story that were surprisingly well handled and kept the audience very invested. The first being the cast which is usually the deal breaker depending on the movie, and in Widows you won’t be disappointed. Viola Davis who is known for her intensity and sincerity with much of the roles that she takes delivers an excellent performance as the widowed wife of Harry Rowlins (Liam Neeson) and serves as the leader of the group of widows who have to pull off a very complicated heist job. Rounding out the rest of the group are Michelle Rodriguez as Linda, Elizabeth Debicki as Alice and fresh off her excellent performance in “Bad Times at the El RoyaleCynthia Erivo as Belle.

What I enjoyed about the dynamic between the widows was the way they were each uniquely troubled and in different situations in their lives because of their husbands/significant others. Their motivations were clear and those specific motivations were always present throughout the movie which makes you care about them more than you should. Once you accept the premise and the job that the ladies have to commit, the film picks up a notch as Viola Davis has to get this group working like a well oiled machine to pull it off. Now it wouldn’t be a heist movie without someone to steal from and Colin Farrell as Jack Mulligan plays the role perfectly.

Jack is defending his position as alderman against Jamal Manning (Brian Tyree Henry) who has more going on than what we necessarily see at first. As someone who first got to see Brian Henry breakout in FX’s hit series Atlanta, and to see the movies and the actors that he is now getting to work with I couldn’t be happier for his success. Someone else who in my opinion gives an excellent performance in the movie is Daniel Kaluuya as Manning’s younger brother and enforcer who gets his hand’s very dirty for his brother to be successful and commits some very intense and despicable acts. Kaluuya brings so much swagger and charisma to his character that you almost like what he is doing but that is all due to the great work Kaluuya continues to do.

Widow’s does have your typical twist and turns that you might be familiar with in heist films, but the way that they are executed and shot and expressed felt very fresh and intuitive. There are some very well done tracking shots and other different methods that bring some new perspective to scenes that have been done before. Widow’s has everything that you would want in a heist movie as I had a lot of fun with it, from the quality of acting, the overall story and the way the movie was shot (oh and another good score from Hans Zimmer) which provide some very satisfying moments for the characters and the audience. I cannot recommend this movie enough so take some time and join the heist!

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