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Gilberto’s NXT Recap: 8/29/18

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This week’s edition of NXT is taking place back home at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL! After a very eventful two weeks where we saw championship changes at Takeover, and a little bit of the aftermath in last week’s episode, it was time to see where things would go next.

Commissioner Regal starts off the show with an announcement that will affect every member of the roster. After weeks of being told one story after another, his main objective for tonight was to find out who was it that attacked former NXT Champion Alesteir Black, and he would ask every single person.

Johnny Gargano/Velveteen Dream Promo:

After another grueling match with his former friend and tag team partner turned bitter enemy Tommaso Ciampa, Gargano came out to address the NXT crowd. Gargano is easily one of the top baby faces in the company and it shows with the reaction that the crowd always has for him. He is the true underdog in NXT with a truly inspiring story that he share about going to places mentally that he would never see himself going, and that scared him. He doesn’t know what’s next for him because he can’t get Ciampa out of his head in all aspects. Just as he finishes saying this he is interrupted by the Velveteen Dream, who has been on a role lately and is tired of everyone talking about everything going on except him. So because of that, a match between two of the biggest stars in NXT will take place on next week’s episode.

Aliyah vs. Dakota Kai (Women’s Singles Match):

Nothing really crazy in this match as Aliyah, who is very over confident yet uses her strength to her advantage, underestimates the very quick Dakota Kai. Dakota continues to look strong in the Women’s division, no matter the odds or the opponent, she always does her best to come out and puts so much effort in her matches.

Raul Mendoza vs. EC3 (Singles Match):

Before the match starts EC3 is attacked backstage by someone that we don’t get a clear picture of. This creates a mystery of a match the match as to who will compete with Mendoza. That person turns out to be the returning 6’2 295 pound Lars Sullivan who revealed that he didn’t attack Alesteir Black, but he was the one who attacked EC3. This was far from a match as Sullivan re-established his dominance and showed everyone exactly why he needs to be looked out for in the NXT Title race.

Main Event:

Ricochet (North American Champion) & Pete Dunne (UK Champion) vs. The Undisputed Era (Tag Team Champions)

After a brief confrontation that set up tonight’s main event, there were a lot of potential things that could go down. The first thing being the fact that Ricochet and Dunne have never teamed up before and have some of the biggest egos on the whole roster (besides the fact being that they are individual champions). Speaking of egos, their opponents, the Undisputed Era, were also very much looking forward to this match. This time around Adam Cole took the place of O’Reily to get revenge on Ricochet for taking his championship, and it resulted in a very entertaining match from beginning to end. All these superstars have incredible chemistry and it shows because this was a great match to end the week’s event with. The ending sets up what is to come between Ricochet and Dunne with a potential match between them happening at the next takeover.