Gisell Says WONDER WOMAN Is A Heartfelt Tale Of Wonderment, Empowerment and Love.

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Wonder Woman is a heartfelt tale of wonderment, empowerment, and love. This story tells of a young Amazonian girl, Diana Prince (Gal Gadot), whom from infancy, has been eager to join the ranks of her people in becoming a true warrior and stumbles upon her untapped powers while in the process of training. When a stranger, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), crash lands his plane on the shores of her island, she begins to realize more about what exists beyond her world. When she learns that war has infected Steve’s people leading to unnecessary bloodshed, she eventually makes the choice of leaving her people and her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), and Aunt, General Antiope (Robin Wright) whom have both safeguarded her in Themyscira since birth. Although she is filled with wonder in the real world, she is also disgusted by the slaughter, sadness, and sickness, which has been a byproduct of the never-ending conflict. Diana sets out on a journey to help Steve while discovering more about herself and her place in the world along the way.


I had very little expectations going into this film because as everyone in the free world knows, DC hasn’t exactly had the best of luck in the film department. Though financially successful, some of their most recent films, like Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad have been critical disasters, and have left fans shaking their heads pleading for change. Though enjoyable, these films were marred by story, character and plot problems. The symmetry which is supposed to exist in a truly great DC superhero flick had seemed somewhat lost forever…until now. I can proudly affirm that Wonder Woman is the best live-action DCEU film that I have seen since Man of Steel, and it has the best vision and storytelling since Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. Patty Jenkins, whom shot to directorial stardom with her Oscar nominated film debut Monster, is accustomed to directing women in powerful roles. Jenkins’ personal touch on this picture is manifested by the film’s moving message, supportive storytelling and commanding charm, all of which can be attributed to her revitalized sense of direction.


Another incredible feature to this film is its fight choreography and cinematography work. My family and I were fortunate to be able to attend an advance screening of this film in IMAX 3D, and I can tell you that if any of you are debating on which ticket to buy, it would have to be in IMAX 3D. I say this not only for the 3D effects in some scenes, but again for the depth achieved in certain scenes which is quite pronounced when it is viewed in the 3D aspect. Everything from the colors of the ocean and earthly elements, to the wide-angle view of the land and battle scenes, it’s very stunning to witness Wonder Woman in all of her IMAX glory. If 3D isn’t your thing, I would highly recommend going to the biggest screen possible in order to really take in the action and beauty of this story. I enjoyed this film immensely and the only aspect I had trouble with was the villains, which is a problem I typically have with superhero films as of late. However, this did not in any way deter me from enjoying the film or diminish the impact it had on me. Small details as far as I’m concerned, because the entire movie was so impressive.


In addition to the outstanding direction, the writers-including the story and screenplay team-consisting of: Allan Heinberg, Zack Snyder, and Jason Fuchs, all contributed to the powerful narrative, which took Diana on a personal journey of growth, and encourages audience-goers to takeaway a deeper, more profound message, which is easily applicable to everyone, not just women. I love and appreciate the “girl power” aspect of this film, but the message extends far beyond just that. The lifeline of this film can be traced back to not only its script, but the incredible acting performances, along with surprisingly magical onscreen chemistry found between Gadot and Pine. Collectively, everything about this film works in harmony together and the narrative underscores the powerful message which exists at the heart of this film. This origin tale also doesn’t seem to suffer from many gimmicks which have previously bogged down past films. Wonder Woman indicates a certifiable launching point for DC to be in an advantageous position to patch itself up and reestablish its street cred amongst the competition.


The film’s instrumental score, composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams complimented the emotional significance imbedded in the story, which electrified several critical scenes in which the music and acting really spoke for themselves. I can’t say enough good things about this film, and the movie trailers really don’t do this film any justice. I went in expecting a substandard superhero flick, and Wonder Woman went above and beyond my expectations. This story is emboldened with humor, heart, hope and honor. I encourage everyone to bring the whole family to see it. I promise you that you will be smitten by this liberating story, which is about more than just a comic book persona, but about what defines the act of superheroism in and of itself, which is: love, sacrifice, altruism, integrity, dignity, and determination.


FINAL WORD:  StarStar StarStarHalf Star