hot chief DSO Says POLTERGEIST Needs To Clean House

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By hot Chief DSO


Poltergiest, the story written by Steven Spielberg, is part of American legend. Victims of corporate greed suffer in this dimension and the next. In this reality, we witness a family who suffers extreme collateral damage. Set in a small development in Illinois, a family of five in financial hardship moves into an “affordable” home. Unbeknownst to the new owners, the house is already occupied by powerful, yet invisible, long-time residents. These disgruntled residents are poltergiests –paranormal entities so powerful that they can transcend their dimension into our reality.


Maddie, the innocent youngest child, gets kidnapped through a portal to a place somewhere between this life and the next. Desperate to recover their six-year-old, the parents seek the help of a local paranormal researcher and a television star psychic who claims to have a special gift that allows him to “clean” houses and coat such as these. As the story unfolds, the psychic proves his gift is genuine.Having probably spent most of their budget on computer generated graphics, which were high quality, MGM really blows it with the acting on this one. The B-rated actors make a good effort, but in the end, the father’s character (Sam Rockwell), who should have been valiant, ends up being annoying. The mom (Rosemarie Dewitt) is just an “okay” actress but she has difficulty making connections with her costars, and is particularly awkward the children, who are central to the plot.


The temperamental teenager and played by Saxon Sharbino, was obviously merely being showcased for her future engagements and made no substantial contribution to the performance. The youngest child, Maddie, was played by a very beautiful actress by the name of Kennedi Clements. She did an excellent job and her role.The middle child, Griffin, our hero of the story, played by Kyle Catlett, was given a script that was too young for his age. A child at his physical age understands more complicated matters and should’ve been given a more sophisticated script.


The paranormal researcher (Jane Adams) was completely contrived as professor. The paranormal specialist/psychic/TV star Carrigan Burke (Jared Harris) was not charismatic enough or convincing enough to carry such an important role in this story.The plot left out important experiential details that would help the viewer identify with the characters and leaped to conclusions without fully developing the facts, leaving the viewer feeling disjointed and shortchanged.Filmmaker Sam Raimi and director Gil Kenan clearly bit off more than they can chew by trying to improve upon the blockbuster original 1982 version of this story. Poltergeist (2015) delivers a few heart racing scenes that jolt the moviegoers reality, making this flick worthwhile trip to the RedBox.

FINAL WORD: StarStarEmpty StarEmpty Star