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FILM REVIEW: 10 Cloverfield LAne

By Hot Chief DSO
10 Cloverfield Lane is not a sequel to Cloverfield. It may be theoretically a prequel, although that’s never actually addressed in the movie.
The scene opens up with spectacular scenery of an ordinary.  An ordinary young woman played by stage star Mary Elizabeth Winstead, breaks up with her fiancé.
That is where normalcy ended. Soon, our leading lady, Michelle, finds herself as a prisoner recuperating in a makeshift hospital bed from a car accident. As the plot unfolds, she begins to doubt the motives of her captor, Howard, played by John Goodman.
This simple farmer and former army satellite specialist, preaches his own altruism how he saved her from a car wreck.  Clearly begging the question: is he a savior or a psycho killer?
 Action is slow to build in this movie. Presumably, life in an underground bomb shelter is boring, however, the movie could have better expressed what was going on in the bomb shelter rather than watch other people play board games. Moviegoers who are expecting the action previously seen in Cloverfield will find 10 Cloverfiled Lane a little bit disappointing.
Finally, when the action does kick in, the excitement peaks quickly and is not sustained.  The very attractive Michelle does something extraordinary.  Michelle, an aspiring fashion designer, has already performed above her level thus far however, her character does not rise to the level of superhero.  By the end of 10 Cloverfield Lane, the leading character is miraculously and unqualifiedly cast into the superlative status.
After such a long build up, the action was disappointing. I was left trying to decipher whether this was a sequel or prequel or a standalone movie. I was also left thinking “who cares what’s going to happen in the next movie?” because the characters are esoteric, well played, but not deep enough to cause the viewer to get attached  10 Cloverfield Lane is being shown in IMAX, which is always recommended. Bad Robot productions typically delivers a healthy mix of drama, intrigue, action and glamor, but this one falls below the mark.

FINAL WORD:StarStarEmpty StarEmpty Star