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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 10/2/13

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Hey guys, Steve here with your Hump Day thoughts and whatnot. I have to start this week off by speaking about a very important subject that I feel must be addressed now before it gets out of hand.

This “What the Fox Say?” song is taking this country by storm and it is completely absurd. I first heard about the song from a friend of mine in a fantasy football league. He changed his team name to What the Fox Say and I had no idea what was going on. Scott just informed be that the equally absurd video for the song has 76 million hits!! Hello??? Am I the only one that finds this to be a bit disturbing? I am 100% convinced that this song and video is responsible for the United States government shutting down. Ridiculous. If you aren’t one of the 77 million people who have watched, here it is in all its absurdity:

How about those Pittsburgh Pirates? They won their first playoff game since 1992. If you had an opportunity to catch the game you could see that their fans were pumped! After a single in the 7th inning (with the bases empty) the crowd erupted. You can tell they have been quieted long enough. The Reds were my pick to represent the National League in the World Series. Oops.


The Giants have both angered and confused me. This is their worst start in almost 40 years. Their offensive line is a disaster and Eli Manning is getting no time back there to throw the ball. When he does have an extra second or two it seems as though his receiver is dropping the ball. Maybe they are in shock over the fact that he was not sacked. He was sacked 20 times all of last year and this year he was sacked 6 times in one HALF by the Panthers. So after 4 games they are 0-4 and being joked about by Jay Leno. The good part? The division is awful so they are only 2 games out of first place with the Cowboys facing the Broncos this week. Fire the Laser!!


The NBA training camps are starting and what are the first two stories that have come out? Lebron and Melo opting out. Ladies and gentlemen, I am already tired of it. I don’t think that either of them will be leaving their current team, but we are going to hear this multiple times a week until free agency starts in July. What a headache!



So during the last couple of weeks we have seen the ending of two very popular television shows. Both Dexter and Breaking Bad said their goodbyes over the previous couple of weeks. This is a tale of two endings. I want to start off by saying that I liked both endings (to an extent). Many people are upset at the way Dexter ending, but like I said in my review of the final episode, what did you expect to happen? Dexter had to be punished in some way and Deb dying was his ultimate punishment. He decided that he didn’t want to hurt anyone else that he loved. So he left. Maybe he could have chosen a different profession to leave for, but he left for a good reason.

Breaking Bad was the exact opposite. They tied up every loose end you can imagine. Walt made sure that his son would be taken care of when he turns 18. He finally admitted to his wife that while it started out to be about his family, it was all about him in the end. He even killed the jackass uncle just as the jackass uncle had killed Hank. In the end, he let Jesse get his revenge on Todd (who I thought was the creepiest of all because of how “kind” he was). I love Walter White. He is such a badass. Some of his quotes from the series are some of the most epic quotes that I have ever heard in a television series. I have included two of them below. They are fantastic and make you want to go out and start cooking meth. I am kidding about that last part. Really I am.

Oh and go see Gravity this week!

That’s all I have for now. I shall return next week.

Steve, out.