Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 2/13/13

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Hey all…Steve here for a little hump day action! No time for small talk this week – let’s jump right on in!

I’m going to start out with Lebron. The man is an absolute beast! The stats that he has been able to put up over the last week have been simply amazing. Just when you thought that he couldn’t get any better, he has 6 straight games of 30 points or more and is shooting the ball with an insane amount of accuracy. It is just not fair at all. Are you kidding me? First of all, this guy is built like nobody’s business. There is no reason to be as big as he is. Second of all, he is the best player in the world. Third of all (and most scary) is that he is getting better. Look out NBA…look out!

In the last bit of business from the off-season, Michael Bourne signed with the Cleveland Indians. He inked a 4 year, $48 million contract to sign with the Tribe. I thought it was amazing that a player with his talent was still on the market AFTER pitchers and catchers reported to training camp. This issue is the new rules about signing type-A free agents and the potential impact on a teams draft picks. Both the Mets and Mariners were in pursuit of Bourne, but both teams ultimately decided that their draft picks were simply too valuable. My thing is that in baseball (more-so than basketball and football) draft picks can be a crap shoot! You never know what you’re going to get. You could think you have a 5 tool player and you end up with a Scott Peterson. I’m just sayin’.

Sports Illustrated released the cover of their 2013 swimsuit issue. I gotta tell ya, they did NOT disappoint. I’m not so sure that Kate Upton is capable of disappointing anyone on the cover of a magazine. The shoot took place in Antarctica. She went to great lengths to make sure that the cover was acceptable to all of us men and women are potential buyers. In trying to keep the hope alive, I just hope it disappoints everyone else but me! Katie – call me and I can be that shoulder to cry on! My wife will NOT mind.

The Eagles decided to keep Mike Vick. As a Giants fan that makes me happy. The Eagles have not been good lately and while I have to admit that keeping Vick on a one year deal is not the dumbest idea. There is a lot of upside with a one year deal when you are dealing with a player that has to prove himself after either a down season or an injury plagued season. I personally hope that he has to sign another one year deal next season to prove himself again!

The Knicks lost to the Raptors tonight. Disaster.

The Canes of Miami are #3 in the nation right now. How crazy is that?? I think they should have leapfrogged over #2 Duke, but their time will tell. They just beat the girls up at FSU tonight for the first time since 2006 and have not lost a game since December!  I haven’t seen this kind of performance since the last time I watched Popeye’s wrath after eating a can of spinach! For all of you wondering, the last time I saw that happen was last night, but that’s besides the point! Don’t judge me.

Even though the Mets will not be in contention this year, it will be nice to see the lineup card for the Braves and it not having Larry “Chipper” Jones on it. Great player and Met killer.

Lady Gaga cancelled the remainder of her tour because of hip issues. Isn’t she too young for stuff like this to be happening? They better be refunding the fans. I’ve heard that prices are absolutely astronomical. She must put on a good show to have hip problems. Get well soon GAGA!

Now we have basketball players with steroids? Hedu Turkoglu has been suspended for 20 games for using steroids. Come on Hedu, get it together son!

That’s all I’ve got for you guys this week. Enjoy the other side of the hump and I will be back next week! Happy Valentines Day!!!