Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 2/20/13

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Ah…another Hump Day is upon us! I love hump days. It means that the week is a little more than halfway over and I get to spend some time writing something that dozens of my fans may or may not read. I’m kidding – I’m sure all 100,000 plus visits to the site for this month will be thoroughly enjoying my Hump Day articles. I love you all – please read my articles. Please.

Now that I’ve shed a tear let’s get this bad boy started, eh?

So, David Price says that he would not sign a long term deal with the New York Yankees. That makes two of us buddy! He says that he doesn’t want to have to deal with all of the old school rules like the shaving of the beard. I agree with him. I mean it is 2013 and teen wolf still wouldn’t be able to play for the Yankees. Why does that make anything about your team any more professional? Your 3rd baseman has been accused of and has admitted to taking steroids. How much more unprofessional can you be? Let the grown men on your team grow a damn beard. Enough already.

David Wright was quoted once again saying that players that have used PED’s should be punished. Of course they should be punished. They are cheaters and they not deserve the notoriety of playing the game of baseball. If I was the commish I would ensure that after the first incident with PED’s that the player gets a 100 game ban, the second time they should be banned for an entire calendar year as well as being eliminated from Hall of Fame consideration and then if there was a third instance then that would lead to them being banished from the game. Easy enough and that should be the way it is. Put Pete Rose in the Hall damn it. Steve has spoken.

Lil Wayne. What a dumbass. I understand that he is trying to attract as much attention as possible, but enough is enough already. You say “F” Lebron and “F” Wade and that you had sex with Chris Bosh’s wife. What for? What is it accomplishing? You left the Lakers/Heat game because you had an altercation with a fan and then you say it was because the Heat made you leave? Grow up. I’m not the biggest supporter of the Miami Heat, but I just wish this Lil Wayne story would go away. He is annoying.

Whatever the NCAA has on the University of Miami is BS…plain and simple.

My wife is watching Shameless on Showtime right now. Every time I look up there is a naked woman on the screen. I’m not complaining – the main girl is pretty hot. Emmy Rossum is her name. Google away.


Josh Smith is open to signing an extension with the Milwaukee Bucks?? Why on earth would he want to do that? I don’t get why some teams are slobbering all over themselves over this guy. Never an All-Star. Never.

The Knicks got their asses handed to them tonight. By 34 points. To the Pacers. Ugh.

Did you guys see the list of least sexy actresses? I immediately thought of Sarah Jessica Parker. The one that topped the list? Kristen Stewart. I can see that. Although Sarah Jessica Parker is repulsive. The poll was of British men. I guess #2 is ok.

I leave you with a bit of bad news. Ah – who am I kidding? It is OUTSTANDING news! Kim Kardashian is leaving the world of reality TV! Let’s all do the Harlem Shake to celebrate!


That’s all…Steve out!