Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 3/27/13

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Whaaaaaat’s up! Steve here with some thoughts on this Hump Day.


As Scott told you about earlier today, the new logo for the Miami Dolphins has been leaked. Why is it that logo leaks only happen in Miami? Figures. Anyway – I like it. It’s not overly colorful and it isn’t a “sensitive” look for the team. The Dolphins have spent a ton of money this off-season, so hopefully for their fans, the new logo gives them a bit of luck. They have already passed the Bills and Jets in the division as far as talent is concerned. Taking over the Patriots is an entirely different story.

mc buck

Tim McCarver is stepping down from the broadcast booth after this season. I, for one, think it is way overdue. The guy just talks too much! He talks to no end about things that do not matter to the game at hand. Ok, so I have a little more reason to dislike him because of the team that I root for. Ever since he was let go by the Mets he always finds a way to put them down. I know they haven’t been the best team over the last decade or so, but he never finds time to give anyone any credit. I say good riddance and hopefully we see Ron Darling in that spot with Joe Buck next year!


The Miami Heat continue to roll on with their winning streak and now are up to 27 games! I think it is simply amazing, but how much longer can it possibly go on. Tonight they have the Chicago Bulls and then they have the Spurs coming up on Sunday. The Bulls are up big right now, but so were the Cavaliers, the Celtics and the Bobcats. No deficit fazes this Heat team. I think the problem might come if they fall behind by a bunch early against the Spurs. Only time will tell, but what the Heat are doing right now is just mind-boggling. The next best win streak in the NBA is the Knicks at 5 games. Enough said.


Forbes came out with their annual list of what baseball teams are worth what.  This year the top 6 are as follows:

1. Yankees – $2.3 billion

2. Dodgers – $1.5 billion

3. Red Sox – $1.3 billion

4. Cubs – $1 billion

5. Phillies – $893 million

6. Mets – $811

Can you guess why I listed the top 6? So what if I’m a homer! Next the bottom 5:

1. Rays – $451 million

2. Royals – $457 million

3. Athletics – $468 million

4. Pirates – $479 million

5. Marlins – $520 million

And there you have the haves and have nots.

***Bulls 53 Heat 43


Finally I leave you with the list of the top 3 as far as net worth in Hollywood is concerned:

3. Robert De Niro – $185 million

2. Will Smith – $200 million

1. Tom Cruise – $200 million

The first two are very likeable (for me). Then there is the wealthiest man in Hollywood. Mr. Scientology. He’s just annoying to me. He’s been quiet recently, but still rather annoying to me. I think of him as an annoying little twerp at times. The other 2 guys I’m a big fan of. Good people…but can they PLEASE share?!?!?

That’ll do it for this weeks hump day thoughts! Enjoy your slide down the other side of the hump and have a fantasy weekend! I hope it is warm and sunny where you live!