Hump Day Thoughts On Sports – 3/4/15

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Hey everyone. Steve here with your Hump Day article. No small talk this week. Let’s get to it!

LeSean McCoy


Shady McCoy is heading to NY! No, not one of those NY teams, but the Buffalo Bills. This was a pretty big shock to everyone yesterday and it took all of a few minutes. The Eagles look to be setting their sights on their next QB. A certain QB from Oregon. Anyway, with McCoy heading over to the AFC East, that helps me sleep better at night as a Giants fan. Now the next logical question is where does C.J. Spiller end up. Hopefully a team that will use him more appropriately than the Bills did. Speaking of the Bills, are they now instant contenders in the AFC East or do they actually need a QB first?

David Wright shows why he is the Captain


So you’re going to eat lunch in the clubhouse during an intrasquad game at the beginning of Spring Training when you are a minor leaguer trying to make the big league club? Not if David Wright is the captain of the team. Noah Syndergaard made that mistake and he paid for it. David Wright let him know that is not the right thing to be doing. I mean this should be something that is obvious. Everyone always talks about how great Syndergaard is going to be. Nobody has ever claimed that he is the most intelligent player in the world. This didn’t seem like the smartest thing in the world to do, so the jury is still out on the intelligence piece. Oh and to add insult to injury, Bobby Parnell tossed his food into the garbage. Well done.

Vikings heading out to meet with Adrian Peterson


The Vikings brass is heading to Texas to meet with Adrian Peterson. I am sure there is still plenty to smooth over after all of the stuff that happened last year. So this is going to be interesting. The Cowboys are letting Murray test the market. Would they be that bold to trade for Peterson if he is that unhappy with the Vikings? Ugh. We lose McCoy in the division, but get Adrian Peterson. That just gives me heartburn. Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen – although I think Romo would find a way to screw it up in the end.

Where is Suh headed?


Well when we speak about Ndamukong Suh we need to understand that there is going to be a VERY long list of teams that will be looking to sign the troublemak…I mean All-Pro Defensive Tackle. Listen…any team would benefit from signing him no matter what problems he has had in the past. In the end, there will more of an upside for the team that signs him than headaches – at least I don’t think so. The issue here is would he rather have the money (Jags, Raiders and maybe the Dolphins) or go where he has said he wanted to play (Giants). I would have included the Jets also, but I haven’t heard any rumblings from my sources on them coming in to play. I’m sure we will be talking about this non-stop until he signs.

And I’m spent. See ya next week.