Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 3/6/13

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Hey all – Steve here again for your latest in Hump Day thoughts!

First of all I would like to wish my wonderful son a very happy 18 month birthday! He is sleeping right now, but I’m sure he is having a very happy birthday party with Mickey and friends.

HBO was showing Forrest Gump tonight. Now there is a movie that never gets old. The ONLY reason why I wouldn’t do the cross-country run like Forrest is because my fans would miss my Hump Day report too much! Anyway, sports are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. Now, let’s bite into some chocolates. See what I did there?

Wow – the Yankees are really stumbling out of the gate in the spring, eh? First Curtis Granderson and now Mark Teixeira. Original reports had him out for 2-3 weeks and now it is more like 8-10 weeks. You all know I’m a Met fan – do I want players to get hurt? No. Do I feel bad for the Yankees? Also no. Next.

The Miami Heat have won 15 games in a row. They are currently in a battle with the 17 win (ALL YEAR) Orlando Magic. The Magic are up 89-87. More to come.

Mila Kunis is coming out with a movie this weekend. Go See it. Oh, it’s called “Oz the Great and Powerful”. Enjoy.

It’s Mila – just go see it.

The Chicago Blackhawks are the hottest team in sports and NOBODY cares. Well, maybe our Chicago writer Carlos Nazario. But, besides him, NOBODY cares. It’s a shame hockey is white hot garbage.

91-87 Magic with 4:50 to go – Lebron at the line. More to come.

The World Baseball Classic is happening RIGHT NOW. Did you know? Do you care?

Olympus Has Fallen looks great. I love me some Morgan Freeman.

Magic 93 Heat 92 with 2:57 to go. This game is over. The Heat got this. They are too good to lose to the Magic.

Paul Bearer died yesterday. RIP to one of the best managers and characters in wrestling history.

I have absolutely nothing left to say, but I don’t want to leave you all hanging on the end of the Magic/Heat game.

I feel bad for Jameer Nelson – last good player on a BAD basketball team.

Heat win by 1. Lebron. Game over. Hump Day over. Enjoy your week!