Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 4/10/13

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Ah, another glorious hump day! Baseball is in the air and spring has sprung. It is a wonderful time of the year. I’m going to keep this one mostly baseball related, with a few nuggets of other information thrown in for good measure.

I want to start off with a grievance. When you see someone that is better known than most, do not sit there and chew their ears off. Do not tell them stories about things that are happening in your life. Don’t tell them who you know and where you’ve been. That is all true most of the time except for when that person asks you questions. Most of the time they want to just get along with their day and do what they had planned on doing before you interrupted them. Stop embarrassing yourself. That being said, Billy Corben, I’m very sorry for what you had to go through on Monday night at the 42 screening. I was embarrassed for that woman that would not stop talking to you. Next time use the code word.

Let’s do some rapid fire baseball stuff:

–          Justin Upton is absolutely unconscious right now. 6 homeruns in his first 26 at bats. Wow.

–          The Marlins are putrid. They are 1-7 right now and there is no light to be found. It’s just a really bad situation.

–          Clayton Kershaw is already putting his prints all over this year’s NL Cy Young Award. He is dominant and if the Dodgers can score the way you would think they could by looking at their lineup on paper, his record will be scary good.

–          The Astros are so over matched in the AL it’s not even funny.

–          Mr. Lester up in Boston has shown that he is getting back to what he once was. That is a GREAT thing for the Red Sox.

–          The Red Sox are the only team in the AL right now that is above .500. Early but weird.

–          The Reds (my pick for NL Champs) are off to a hot start and doing it in different ways. There power hasn’t come through yet, but again it’s early and it takes some time for hitters (not named Justin Upton) to get warmed up.

–          The Mets are 5-3. Let me enjoy it for now.

–          The interleague setup this year is not so bad, but it is very confusing. I’m used to it being mid-May before interleague starts; so on April 9th when the White Sox are playing the Nationals it is going to get a double take from Steve.

–          The Angels are off to another slow start. No excuse this time around. Expectations are high and they need to be met this year.

On to a bit of basketball – The Knicks have won 13 in a row now, but it’s a shame it will all be for nothing once they run into the big 3 in Miami. Once again, the Knicks have chosen a bad time to be good. The last time was when that guy named Jordan was around.

Can you believe how crazy the rehabilitation for RG3 has gone? The man is super-human. It looks like he is a freak like Adrian Peterson. Obviously there is still so much time to go, but all signs are pointing in the right direction for the king of NFL jersey sales.

Scott and I had a chance to screen both 42 and Trance this week and both were excellent. Check out the reviews here:

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Tonight I will be screening The Place Beyond the Pines. I will try to have the review up by tonight, but more likely by tomorrow afternoon. A mans gotta sleep!

That is all for now people…I’ll get back at ya next week!