Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 4/17/13

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Hey all, Steve here with your favorite Hump Day article!

Boston Memory

First of all I would like to get one thing off my chest and that is to talk briefly about what happened in Boston on Monday. This is one of the perks about owning a website – I can write about whatever I want, whenever I want to. The amount of pure hatred that runs through the veins of some people is absolutely amazing to me. It is amazing, but no longer surprising. Ever since 9/11, there is nothing that surprises me. From 9/11 to the Colorado theater shooting to Newtown to Boston and every senseless act in between there is NOTHING that can surprise me. I think that might just be the case for many Americans. Perhaps we are numb to this sort of thing. It is a scary thought though. We (not all) are numb to bombings and shootings. What kind of a world is this becoming? I can only hope that somehow things get better before my son grows old enough to know how bad it truly is.

There is no way to transition smoothly, but let’s try to have a bit of fun, eh?

FYI - Rihanna is NOT pregnant in this picture. I repeat - NOT pregant.

FYI – Rihanna is NOT pregnant in this picture. I repeat – NOT pregant.

Rihanna is pregnant! Or is she? Wait, wasn’t the story just that she had the flu? My how things change quickly. How do you feel about her becoming pregnant with the man that beat the living hell out of her just a few years ago? Hey, everyone is entitled to do with their life what they would like, right? Well, when you are a celebrity, everyone is entitled to judge you based on your actions. My official stance? Rihanna is a dumbass.


The time is almost here when the NBA is in the time that actually matters! The playoffs are going to start on Saturday and it looks like the Miami Heat will win back to back titles. Their road to the title will look something like this – Bucks in 4, Nets in 4, Knicks in 5 and then the Thunder in 5 or Spurs in 6. Yes, they will only lose 2 or 3 games throughout the entirety of the playoffs. Impressive? Yes, but not when you think about who is on the team. I will not go into it because if you do not know who is on the team then this is not the site or the article that you should be reading right now.

Cleveland Indians Photo Day

Why the hell is Jason Giambi still playing baseball? He is 90 years old and with all of that gray in his beard he looks 91. Retire my man, just retire.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 10.21.46 PM

What’s the deal with all of this crazy weather? The Mets played the Twins in the snow and then the Rockies in the snow the day after their game was postponed. The Mets and Rockies were once again postponed tonight because the current Denver temperature is 23 degrees and yes, it is snowing. Two things here:

1. What is with the dumbass owners that build outdoor stadiums for these baseball teams?

2. This one is for you, Mr. baseball schedule maker – the Twins and Rockies should not play at home for the first month of the season! You should listen to me just this once. I promise it will all work out for you.


Oh and finally, the Lakers just clinched the last playoff spot in the West. They backed into the playoffs with a Utah Jazz loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. Now it is all up to the team and Coach Bryant.

That’s all for this week. Until next week, be strong and keep Boston on your mind and in your hearts.