Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 4/24/13

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Hump Day already? Wow. You know what that means, right? That means that you get to spend a few minutes of quality time with your buddy Steve. Let’s get to it!

Some Thoughts from the NBA Playoffs:

–          Why are the Bucks even bothering?

–          I thought the Warriors could steal this series from the Nuggets until David Lee got hurt. Now Curry and company made me believe again. Warriors in 7!

–          Derrick Rose is a heartless basketball player. Two months of practicing with the team and you’re not ready for the playoffs? C’mon man!

–          The Celtics have been anemic on offense in the 2nd half of each of the first 2 games against the Knicks. They have scored a total of 48 points in the 2 second halves.

–          The Hawks-Pacers series is really boring.

–          The Thunder outclassed the Rockets in game 1 and I see that trend continuing.

–          The Lakers will give it their best shot, but without the heart of their team, they just don’t have enough against the Spurs.

–          Clippers/Grizzlies is probably the best series out west. As a fan of basketball in general I hope it goes 7.

–          It’s REALLY weird to not see the Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs.

I like this rapid fire stuff…let’s continue with baseball:

–          Justin Upton is playing out of his MIND! Are you kidding me??

–          The Royals are in first place…WHAT!? I thought of choosing them for one of the wild card spots this year, but thought I would be laughed at and thrown out of the industry.

–          The Cubs, Marlins and Padres have a combined 16 wins.

–          The Braves have 15 wins.

–          Matt Harvey and Matt Moore have been downright nasty!

–          Shouldn’t the Marlins move their games to a local little league park? The stands would look much fuller.

–          First place teams as of right now: Red Sox, Royals, Rangers, Braves, Cardinals, Rockies.

–          Which one doesn’t belong?

–          Like I said on a previous podcast – the Cardinals always find a way.

–          How desperate are the Tigers for a closer? Jose Valverde is back.

–          Who gets their first homerun of the season first? Stanton or Kemp? Stanton better hope it is him or else he and I will have a problem. Yes, he is on my fantasy team.

Hockey? Ok…let’s roll:

–          Hockey is terrible.

–          The end.

I feel like I’m doing a version of Matthew Berry’s lists of 10. Mine is better though, isn’t it? I mean look at my excellent analysis in rapid fire. It’s tremendous.

Did I hit a nerve with anything that I said during Hump Day: Rapid Fire Edition? Talk it out in our comments section! Or tweet me @CineSportsTalk!

That’s all for this week.

Oh, and we screened Pain and Gain last night and will be screening The Big Wedding tonight. Look out for our reviews later on!