Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 4/3/13

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Hey CST fans (all 12 of you)! Hump Day came quick this week, didn’t it? That’s certainly a good thing! We have a few different things to talk about today including some BASEBALL!

To start things off, I know I am not alone in wishing Kevin Ware a very successful recovery from his gruesome injury over the weekend. It was a horrific thing to watch, but he seems like a touch kid and he should be able to get through this.

Mike Rice was fired this morning from Rutgers University. If you ask me that should have been done months ago! This guy was just a big bully in the disguise of a head coach. Enough was enough and I don’t see how he will ever land another head coaching job again. Douche.

Baseball season is officially underway as we are now into day 4 of the season. The Red Sox have trounced the Yankees 2 games in a row and the Mets have put up 18 runs in the first two games. As is usual for the beginning of the season, pitching is reigning supreme with the likes of Darvish, King Felix, Matt Harvey, Kershaw, Cain, Strasburg, and Samardzija (I had to check the spelling 37 times) have all dominated in their first outings of the season. It’s an exciting time of the year for baseball fans as everyone has a chance now (except for the Astros).

The Knicks have now won 10 straight days and are trying to wrap up the Atlantic Division for the first time since 1994-1995. Melo has gone off the last two games with a combined 90 points in those 2 contests against the Heat and Hawks respectively. Looks like a first round matchup with either the Celtics or the Hawks for them.

Speaking of the Heat. Are they really hurt? I mean I understand them wanting to rest their guys and I think it is a brilliant move, but come on. Lebron is hurt? If the streak had continued after the Bulls game they would all still be playing. I just don’t buy that Lebron is hurt – maybe Wade and maybe Chalmers, but not Lebron.

Let’s go a little Robinson Cano. He is now being represented by Jay-Z. That should be music to the ears of every Yankee fan. I firmly believe that Jay-Z wants Cano to be a Yankee and the Yankees can NOT afford to let Cano go anywhere.

This just in from the land of WHO CARES – Terrell Owens was taking passes from both Tom Brady and Matt Cassel today.

FYI – the Marlins have yet to score a run.

I might have spoken too soon about the Red Sox and Yankees. Vernon Wells just went deep and it’s been cut from 7-1 to 7-4. We shall see.

Vernon Wells…lol.

That’ll do it for today. Thanks to all 12 of you for reading and hope you have a great week and weekend! Talk to you next week!