Hump Day Thoughts On Sports – 4/8/15

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Hey everyone. Steve here with your Hump Day article! This week we had opening night and opening day for baseball and what an exciting time it was! The weather (for the most part) cooperated and all of your fantasy leagues have started and you probably hate some of your guys right now. Take a deep breath and relax! Mr. Lestah will be just fine and Mr. Lohse…well, we will see. Ryan Braun got hurt on opening day, but it looks like it is not serious and he will be back soon. Matt Cain is a different story. As I said before, don’t overreact – don’t get too high or too low – there are 22 more weeks of games after this! Anyway, this Hump Day article is all baseball. So if you don’t like baseball now is the time to search for another great article to read on the site.

Two things before I start:

1. RIP Gary Carter – he would have been 61 today.

2. Best wishes go out to Chris Copeland and his wife after they were stabbed/slashed in NYC very early this morning.

Alright so here we go. We have 3 days (and 1-2 games in the books for each team). I’m going to go through each team and let you know what I saw or learned from each! Get ready!

AL East

Orioles – Steve Pearce is ready to have another great season. Two games, two homeruns. Oh and Gausman can bring the heat late in games.

Red Sox – They are on pace for 810 homeruns. 324 a piece for Hanley and Pedroia. If their pitching can hold up, this division could be wrapped up in August.

Blue Jays – They hammered Tanaka on opening day. Their lineup is legit and I think their pitching is also. Could be a fun season north of the border.

Yankees – Man are these guys old. Tanaka could break down at any moment and their offense is going to struggle.

Rays – You can never count them out, but how are they going to score enough runs to support their young pitching?

AL Central

Tigers – David Price is going to get a HUGE contract.

Royals – Yordano Ventura gave the Royals a big scare on opening day, but it appears to have been just a thumb cramp.

White Sox – Their new ace was crushed on Opening Day – they need Samardzija to be good.

Indians – They have the goods to win the division, but they will have to do a better job against the Astros – especially when Kluber is pitching.

Twins – A team in transition and they just ran into a buzz-saw in David Price.

AL West

Astros – They have some good young players in Altuve, Springer and Keuchel – the future is bright…probably not this year, though.

Angels – CJ Wilson was masterful last night – if he can regain some of his old form the rest of the division is in trouble.

Athletics – Life will be good on the days that Sonny Gray pitches.

Mariners – King Felix is the man…and Cano is in for a huge season.

Rangers – A long, hot season is in store for them – although I think Beltre and Prince could have nice seasons.

NL East

Braves – They got rid of everyone and are 2-0. Still likely looking at a 70-75 win season.

Mets – Good teams take advantage of mistakes and they did just that in the opener against the Nationals. Thank you, Ian Desmond.

Phillies – If Hamels can’t get them a win, then who can? 105 losses? Will be close.

Nationals – Scherzer was great on opening day, but his defense let him down. 95 wins for these guys – which would put the Phillies 38 games out of first.

Marlins – They had the world laughing at them for the rain delay in a domed stadium on opening day and then for their 2 bad losses to the Braves.

NL Central

Reds – They have a really good lineup that is full of power and they could certainly be a threat in this division.

Cardinals – I never worry about these guys being good. They can plug holes with the best of them.

Cubs – They looked dead on Opening Night. They have such a great young core of talent and they will be around until the end.

Pirates – McCutchen is so bleepin’ good.

Brewers – I think they might just be the only team under .500 in this division by the end of the year.

NL West

Rockies – Mr. Arenado is going to have some kind of season. Looks like his bat is going to catch up to his glove.

Diamondbacks – They are stuck somewhere in the middle of this division and could go either way.

Dodgers – Kershaw is human. Either that or his kryptonite is Matthew Kemp.

Padres – The bullpen blew the game for their new ace on Opening Day, but they look like they will be just fine.

Giants – With the lack of offense, Bumgarner might have to have an ERA below 2.00 to win double digit games.