Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 5/8/13

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Hey everyone! Steve here and welcome to another Hump Day!

So last night I was watching the Met game as they played the White Sox. The Mets are in a fog offensively and the White Sox have been having trouble scoring runs for all of the young season. The key here was Matthew Harvey. The man is DOMINANT! He could have gone into the 10th inning, but I’m sure people in the Mets organization were thinking Tommy John at that point. So the dominant 9 inning 12 strikeout 1 hit performance was for nothing. Bobby Parnell came in for a perfect 10th and Mike Baxter drove in Ike Davis for the game winning run and the Mets won in 10. Hey, a win is a win, but they have to score some runs for Harvey. Matt Harvey’s starts have turned into an event – none of which I would like to miss.

The Heat are absolutely MAULING the Bulls right now. Are you bleepin kidding me??? I predicted a score of 103-79 Heat tonight. The Heat are now leading 103-58. Wow. Good thing for the Bulls that this still just counts as one loss. Is Derrick Rose coming back? Who cares.

The Knicks went on a Heat-esque 36-4 run last night against the Pacers. I was in awe. Now I know how Heat fans feel. The Knicks head to Indiana for game 3 on Saturday night (whats with the layoff??). Steve is nervous.

Is it me or does it seem as though there is something dramatic happening every week? This week there was at least a positive outcome. The details from the stories of those three girls turned women are still coming out and although they will probably require a lot of therapy, this was as good an outcome as we could have imagined. All that and a GREAT interview with Charles Ramsey (the man responsible for their rescue). Was that hilarious or what? Here is the video. Priceless. Read on below. As of right now it has over 3 million views on YouTube.

For those of you who haven’t seen Modern Family, it is hilarious.

My fantasy baseball team currently has 12.8 points for the day and 7.8 of that came from a Jim Johnson save. FML.

The Heat are up 106-68 as the Bulls have made a run.

This craziness over Man of Steel had better be warranted. I’m hearing about it all day from Scott and his brother. All day long. Whether it is something from the soundtrack or how many times they are watching the trailer – it is nonstop. I’m excited about the movie also. I think it is going to send shock waves throughout the movie industry.

There is nothing more frustrating than having technology turn its back on you. Scott and I recorded last weeks podcast only to play it back and hear us sounding like the second coming of the devil himself. I promise you though, it was pure genius. We are actually looking at adding some different (more specific) shows to our station. More to come on that.

I heard the premiere of Jennifer Lopez’s new song that features Pitbull. Just like a bad movie, if people go see it, they will make more movies just like that (Final Destination/Paranormal Experience). The same holds true if people keep telling Jennifer Lopez that she makes good music. I’m talking to you Elvis Duran.

Well, that is about all I have this week. It was a smattering of things from this and that and I hope you enjoyed it. If not then lemme know what I need to do to please you people! Buh-bye.