Hump Day Thoughts On Sports – 7/17/13

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Hey all – Steve here. I know it has been a while since my last Hump Day article, but stop complaining and keep reading (please).

Currently watching – Friends With Benefits. Very funny movie with a couple of a very funny people. Just an FYI – Scott has a very unhealthy man crush on Justin Timberlake. I have a very healthy crush on Mila Kunis. It all works out in the end.

The All-Star game was tremendous. As a Met fan it was a great night. I was able to watch Matt Harvey start the game for the National League. I was able to watch David Wright start at 3rd base for the National League. I was also able to watch Matt Harvey plunk Robinson Cano. That was mean and I’m not sorry.


I also loved the tribute to Mariano Rivera. He might be a Yankee, but he is a class act. In a time when you can’t say that about many athletes, Mariano is a breath of fresh air. He goes along with the Derek Jeter’s (although I HATE to admit that) and the David Wright’s of the world.

The movie 42 came out yesterday. It is one for the entire family. You should really check it out. I think it is a must buy, but if you are a bit shaky on it, check it out in your local Red Box machine. Enjoy!

It was really strange to not see Albert Pujols in the All-Star game. Very strange indeed.

Angels' Pujols runs toward first base before reaching second for a double against Orioles during their MLB American League baseball game in Baltimore

The Knicks picked up Metta World Peace after he was amnestied by the Lakers. At first I thought the move was useless and pointless. Now I think he is a defensive bargain. If the Knicks have to pay the man $3.2 million over 2 years then wear is the harm in that? There is none. The Heat will be winning the title again so who cares? Yes. I am defeated already.

Speaking of the Lakers, there is a report out there on the big boy network of ESPN saying that the infamous “sources” say that the Lakers will be going hard after both Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James. I don’t see it happening. Lebron would be walking away from 3 straight titles and Carmelo would be walking away from a boatload of money. Besides, now that Jay Z has signed Kevin Durant to his agency, he will be going to New York anyway, right? I refuse to set myself up like I did when Lebron was DEFINITELY heading to the Knicks. Screw you media!

The Boston Bomber is on the cover of Rolling Stone?? Are you kidding me? Yankee Todd mentioned this in his latest Coaches Corner, but I had to do it as well. I find it reprehensible that this man can be at the center of an attack in a major city at a major event and land on the cover of a major magazine. Help me out here people!

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke has not left my mind in days. I hope to have this resolved soon. The problem is that the last song I hear in the morning before getting out of my car in the morning is what gets stuck in my head all day. Don’t judge me – it’s not nice. The radio stations are playing the song too damn much and that is all that is in my mind. The song is great, but I hate it. Ya know what I mean? Hey Hey Hey!

See ya next week. I promise.