Hump Day Thoughts On Sports…On A Thursday.

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Hey all. Steve here. Don’t judge me for being a day late. Based on how this Hump Day series has gone, you are lucky to have one at all. You know I love you all. Let’s get to it. How about this winter we are having? Living in South Florida has its privileges and being here this time of the year is certainly one of them. There were a lot of people bent out of shape because the temperature this morning was in the mid-40’s and tomorrow morning will be in the mid-30’s. That is cold for this part of the country, but it would be a welcome site to have morning temperatures like that in any other part of the country. Poor Boston keeps on getting pummeled with snow! Which leads me into this week’s edition!

Spring Training is back!


Ahhh the thermometer might not be doing it for you right now, but do you smell that in the air? Baseball is back and it is such a beautiful site. The players might not be thinking that over the first couple of days because the weather is not very conducive to working out so early in the morning, but soon enough they will be shagging fly balls and hitting in the cage in 80 degree weather (before they break camp and go play in the cold up north). I guess the big thing to watch early on in baseball is where Cole Hamels is going to end up this year. He made mention yesterday that he just wants to win and it “obviously” is not going to happen with the Phillies right now. For their sake, I hope the Red Sox see what he is saying and make the Phillies the offer they need to hear to get that done.



Amar’e Stoudemire is now a member of the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs seem to want to make that last push while Dirk is still able to give them something. STAT did the nice thing and thanks the New York fans on the way out. He wrote a nice little poem and I for one hope he does very well and that the Mavs do some good things come playoff time. He came to the Knicks at a time where they were missing out on their main target and he gave the Knicks and their fans some hope. He had an MVP caliber season in his first year with them and the last 3 years of his contract have been marred by injuries, which is something the Knicks and their fans should have been prepared for. Good luck and enjoy your first Dallas red wine bath!

Melo is done


Carmelo Anthony is going to have season ending surgery. It is the right thing to do and unless you have him on your fantasy basketball team (I do) you should be happy that is happening. Especially if you are a Knicks fan. If the trend continues, the Knicks will finish the season at 10-72 and have the best chance at the number one pick in the worst set-up of any draft in any sport. They are 0-13 when Melo has sat out and now there is no Melo and there is no STAT. It’s time to ride out the rest of the season and see what is in store for the Knicks in the offseason and what the Zen Master can get done.

A-Rod is A-Mess


This guy is just a total mess. First of all who writes in cursive anymore. This joke of a baseball player decides to write a hand written apology to the fans. I sincerely hope that nobody is buying this garbage. He needs to do his talking in the batters box and I think it is a safe bet that he won’t. A-Rod used to be one of my favorite up and coming players when he was with the Mariners. It’s a shame. We will all wonder what he could have done if he wasn’t taking PED’s.

NBA All-Star Game


Who cares? I didn’t watch a minute of the game. I watched the first hour of the SNL 40th Anniversary show and then moved on to The Walking Dead and Shameless. With all of the changes that the new commish wants to make, I think it is time for the NBA to take a page from MLB’s book and make the All-Star game mean something. Ever since baseball made it so that the winning team in the All-Star game got home field advantage in the World Series for their league, it has been an amazing thing to watch. The managers aren’t just using all of the players for the sake of using them. In the NBA game, you get no defense until about half-way through the 4th quarter and then you end up with a score of 162-157. It’s absurd.

I’ve got nothing left to talk about. Today is the NBA trade deadline, so there might be some news a bit later on today, but don’t expect any big names to be moved.