Hump Day Thoughts on Sports & Stuff – 1/15/14

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Happy Hump-Day people. Steve here.

I just got back from seeing an advanced screening for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Look for my review (along with Scotty’s) at some point tomorrow. I also saw a movie for children last weekend, Nutt Job. Look for my review on that tomorrow as well. Steve loves this business.

A-Rod – soooo annoying. I didn’t think he could get anymore annoying that he already was. Now his lawyer is talking about people up in Boston? This guy is incredible. Take the punishment like a man and come clean. This guy is done. I’m done talking about him.

Staying around the same topic – we have about 30 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training! How exciting is that?? My Mets got better in the offseason and they might just have one more move up their sleeve. The Red Sox look to build on a championship season and the Yankees will try to put something together using the DL regulars they have signed this offseason.

Clayton Kershaw. 7 years $215 million. Wow.

This weekend we have a couple of matchups that many expected to be in the final four of the NFL playoffs. Two familiar foes go toe to toe when Tom Brady and his boys head to Denver to play Peyton Manning and his boys. I feel as though I should have spoken that sentence in a very deep voice with really intense music. Oh well. Should be an amazing game and of course, Tom Brady is trying to make it seem as though his Patriots are huge underdogs.

In addition to the Pats and Broncos, we have the 49ers heading to Seattle to face the Seahawks. Should be an interesting game. Maybe a little low scoring. It actually might be more like the Mariners and Giants in a defensive battle. A couple of good, young, fast quarterbacks that are going to be facing some very tough defenses. Hey do the Seahawks still have the Bose surround sound system on the field that they play when the opposing teams offense is on the field?

Before you go, check out what Mike Trout can do. Showoff.

Happy Hump Day and enjoy the other side of the hump!