Hump Day Thoughts On Sports & Stuff – 2/5/14

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Hey people. Steve here.

So once again there are multiple snow storms/ice storms going on around the country and I am sitting pretty in 82 degree weather. I’m not saying that to rub it in. It’s just a fact and I always deal in facts. That being said, I would still move back to New York in a heartbeat. I can’t help it. I love that city. I just do. Here are some more facts:

The Knicks needs some help.

On their best night they can’t beat an elite team. Tonight it was Portland. They gave it their best effort and still came up short. Changes need to be made and as I have said several times, those changes need to start with Mike Woodson. He has done an awful job this season and it just needs to end. Jeff Van Gundy anyone?

The Biggest Loser finale was a disaster.

Yeah, I watch the Biggest Loser. Sometimes with a few slices of pizza in my hands, but I watch it nonetheless. If you’re a fan and saw the live finale last night, there is no way you felt comfortable with it. Just seeing the winner made me feel uncomfortable and based on the pictures online, it also made the trainers very uncomfortable. She went from a very unhealthy 260lbs to a very unhealthy 105lbs. They say she ate 1600 calories a day along with her exercise. There are two ways to look at this and both end up bad for the show:

1. She just wanted to lose as much weight as possible to win the $250,000 prize. Can you blame her? The rules don’t say she can’t and I would likely try to do the same thing.

2. She became obsessed with the weight loss and just took it too far.

Both look bad on the show. You can’t really argue with those people that are saying the show did nothing about it and that they are now “endorsing” anorexia. We should be hearing a statement soon from the folks over at The Biggest loser.

The Super Bowl was worse.

What a bore-fest. Are you kidding me? The Broncos nearly got shutout! Wow. I didn’t see that coming and if you say that you did then you are a liar. Sorry, you just are. The game was bad. The commercial were (for the most part) bad. The only good part? The food at my place. The ribs were especially phenomenal. Give me something better next year, NFL.

I’m getting REALLY excited for baseball season.

Pitchers and catchers will be reporting soon. Players get to escape their cold weather homes and head to Florida or Arizona and begin the long road to the World Series in October. I love baseball season. I love watching random games. I love playing fantasy baseball. I love my Mets. Win. Lose. Draw. I love my Mets. If I ever do move back to New York then season tickets to Citifield will be very high on my list of priorities. Are you ready?

To finish up here – we lost another great actor this week.

Philip Seymour Hoffman died on Sunday in NYC. Another great actor gone because of drugs. New details have emerged saying that he was on a 6 week binge. That’s just crazy to me. What drives these celebrities to do so many drugs? It really does baffle me. He was only 46 years old and had so many good years ahead of him. Very sad. Even more sad? He leaves 3 children behind.

I will leave you with the clip of Along Came Polly that ALWAYS gets me rolling with laughter. Enjoy.